4 Female Students Fighting at School, Teachers Get Attacked – Watch Video

Four female students who are believed to be attending the Ocho Rios High School in St. Ann were engaged in an intense fistfight on the school compound while surrounded by administrators who attempted to put an end to the brawl.

The 30-second video clip first showed three girls in a yellow blouse and an army green uniform dress fighting, two of whom appeared to be teamed up against one. Suddenly, another student joins in the mix.

Shockingly, however, whilst this is happening, two males dressed in formal attire, suspected to be school administrators attempted to restrain the females. One of the fighters was even ruthlessly pushed by one of the men to the point where she fell on the grass, but she quickly stood up and returned to the tussle.

More so, it can be seen where the men were pounced upon and attacked by the students.

In the last couple of seconds in the video, one of the males was successfully able to place one of the females into an enclosed office area. However, on the corridor outside, the other was being attacked by a student.

But, before he could retaliate with his left hand held high in the air as if to slap the female, another female student intervened and held onto her schoolmate.

Two women in formal attire, also believed to be school administrators are then seen rushing to the scene. All were able to get the situation under control by placing the girl into a room.

Watch the video of the fight below:

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