5 Cool and Inexpensive DIY Birthday Party Games

Birthday parties are serious business, especially for kids. Everybody wants to maximize the fun, but not all of us want to max out the credit limit. Not to worry, you can give your kid a magical birthday party with little supplies and creativity. 

You can try these DIY birthday party games to make the party a hit. Some games might need commonly used supplies like cardboard, papers, pens, etc., but you can always improvise these games according to your guests’ preferences.

These games are great for people of all ages, and you can add your twists and variations to make them work for all.

1) Word Games

Word games can be relaxing or competitive, depending on the players. These games are one of the best options for adults too. You can buy these games or can use apps or websites to play for free. Scrabble, Boggle, Word Hunt, and Bananagrams are some of the most played word games.

You can also make these games lighter and more fun to play by allowing some modifications. For instance, you can add power-ups like asking for help from a friend, eliminating half options, using word tools, etc. Word tools are one of the best options because they have all the powers of other power-ups.

These tools allow you to find words with specific letters, character length, vowels, and more conditions. Word Finder is one of the best tools for birthday party board games. It helps you to find answers for words in games like crosswords, Scrabble, Boggle, and more.

2) Treasure Hunt Games

Almost all kids love treasure hunt games. Treasure hunt games give clues to the guests leading them to areas around the yard or house until they find the final prize like a trophy, treats, and other items your kids like.

You can customize these treasure hunt games according to the guests, the space around the house, and the number of participants. You can create games like

  1. Outdoor Treasure Hunts,
  1. Indoor Treasure Hunts,
  1. Photo Treasure Hunts.

You can use ready-made clues and ordinary indoor items for creating indoor treasure hunt games. You can use rhyming clues like,

The more I dry, the wetter I get; use a little one for soaking the sweat; which is a clue for Towel.

3) Three-Legged Race

The three-legged race is a fun birthday party game, especially for kids. You need at least four participants to start the game, but I recommend playing this game with more than 6-7 participants.

You can start this game with ordinary house items like fabric strips or scarves to tie participants’ legs and two ropes. You can use chalk, limestone powder, colors, etc., instead of two ropes to mark the start and finish lines.

4) Button-Button

Button, button, who has got the button; is a simple yet fun game kids will love to play at birthday parties. You only need a button to play this game. Several versions are there to play this game, and I will tell you about some of the most famous ones. 

1) Behind the Back Version

Start the game by choosing a leader for the game round. Ask all the participants to sit in a circle and put their hands behind their backs. Now, ask the leader to go to the middle of that circle. 

Allow the leader to put the button in one participant’s hands. Now, allow the leader to close their eyes and participants to pass the button between hands. If the leader guesses the button holder correctly, they will be the new leader. If the leader guesses wrongly, that participant will choose a new name.

2) Hide and Seek Version

This one can be easy or difficult, depending on the organizer. In this version of the Button Button game, ask the kids to go into another room and hide the button. You might want to be sure not to hide it in a well-hiding place.

After hiding it, allow all the kids to enter the room and find that button. You can use phrases like Timmy is very cold to tell Timmy that he is far away from the button. Similarly, you can also use John is very hot to tell John that he is very close to the button.

5) The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava is a fun and free birthday party game your kids will surely enjoy. The objective of this game is to ask the children to cross a floor which is Lava or River or anything you would like to call it. The objective is to cross it without touching the floor. The first player to cross it will win the game.

You need to use platforms like carpets, mats, small stools, or chairs that your participants will use to cross the lava or river.

Wrapping Up

You can make modifications to all these games. These games are fun to play and inexpensive. You can also try games like charades or musical chairs.