7 Asian-American Designers Who Shape The Industry

We already talked about Asian American in politics, but what about the art sphere? Asian American designers are widely represented in the art and design sphere. Let’s see more in detail their personalities and work.

Cliff Fong – This interior designer doesn’t specify only on the interior, design sphere is it fashion or graphic design is a place of interest for him. Being a part of the Los Angeles design community has provided him with a wide view of the possible design solutions. 

By elaborating designs both for residential and commercial buildings he achieved this rare and unrepeatable approach in which he can combine various styles and epochs but as a result get one harmonic composition. His secret is in the intuitive feel of textures and colour nuances that in combination can unite even ambivalent elements. 

Airi Isoda(@wrk_shp) – Airi Isoda is an architect that didn’t stop at one sphere of design and embodied her passion for fashion. Now with her husband with whom she is cofounder of their studio Work Shop they are working on projects of all scales, from the small ones like design and home elements to the residential houses. Working in the minimalistic Japanese interior design style with an almost zen feel of the ambience allowed her to create unique spaces with the smallest amount of tools. 

Creating designs with the help of the play with simple raw shapes and textures made her interiors airy and laconic. And usage of a warm colour palette and wide range of natural textures added to her spaces needed cosiness and heartfulness. 

Syrette Lew – Feel the real power of the East charming and whimsical vision in the Syrette Lew furniture designs. Her designs investigate the limitations of the play with the shapes and lines. If you will pay more attention to her furniture designs you will find that she puts a great accent on the shapes and their relations among each other. In the design of her pieces, she always considers space and includes it as a part of her design. Clearly being inspired by mid-century modern style she uses mostly curved smooth lines and a gorgeous combination of textile upholstery and saturated coloured wood frame. 

Mei-Lan Tan – UME Studio represents a very large view of the design itself. Creating almost masterpieces full of the soul from the ordinary habitual home elements is a philosophical approach that demands devotion, and Mei-Lan Tan certainly has it. Creating candles, trays, mirrors, tables, chairs, tableware exposes the rawness of any used material is it cold stone, richly coloured soap, or textured wood. They represent luxury and exclusivity in all their pure magic. 

Dabito – He represents a wide view of the man’s performance as an interior designer, blogger, and photographer at the same time. His designs showcase a cheerful, jazzy and bohemian approach to life. Interiors are full of details and elements and still are highly harmonious and balanced. And designer achieves this with the help of colours. Colour blocks of different sizes and interpretations like furniture pieces, plants, walls, decor elements and etc are combined in the intricate colour scheme. Loose rounded shapes intertwined with each other create a relaxed ambience. Decor elements like ethnic plates, real abstract art pieces, plants of different shapes emphasize the homely lively atmosphere in her designs. If you like his interior designs you might pay attention to the beige sectional sofa provided by NFO. 

Ayako Aratani – Ayako Aratani is a specialist in engineering and in 3D design, and when you look at works made by her studio you can clearly see it through the approach. Her art pieces represent the idea of how something which is used only functionally can become an independent soul that demands more profound attention than a simple sofa or table. She plays on the contrast and dualism of our perception mixing such phenomenons like calculated structure and chaotic organic shape, curved and soft shapes, and hard and straightforward ones, lush and bright-coloured and serene black and white. Her designs are based on pure intuition and sense and for better understanding them you too should look more through your soul. 

Sam Lee – Sam Lee has a big interest in ceramics, illustration, and travel, and all three are intertwined in her works. She is making things for home-like vases, mugs, different tableware, and pendant lights. And her works are impregnated with natural motifs and primal savage soul. Making all her pieces in shades of creamy beige and chocolate colours gave her work very homely and warm hues and also these colours are the best ones for emphasizing clay’s original texture. Being also an illustrator and traveller she draws some intricate amazing landscapes with the ink being inspired by the places which she saw in her travellings.