Alkaline Models Givenchy in Paris – See Pictures

Alkaline was photographed in a few suave designs as a part of the Givenchy brand while he was in Paris, France.

A series of pictures were posted by the popular photographer Matthew Williams who took the shots in a classic black-and-white technique that showcased the crisp style of the suits that the dancehall artiste was modelling.

The first picture captured the entertainer wearing a long, black, loose-fitting trench coat, black pants, black glasses, and a beanie and shoes of the same shade as the rest of the outfit, as Alkaline looked off into the distance with his hand behind his back. The shoes seemed to be made in the style of sleek platform crocks.

The second photograph, which was not black and white, depicted the Pretty Girl Team entertainer with loose plaits, a ball cap, a jacket, and loose-fitting slacks, all in black. The artiste was turned in the opposite direction of the first picture with his hands out and his jewelry (watch and rings) on display.

The final picture was a close-up shot of Alkaline in a beanie and glasses, with his hand inside the coat he was wearing and his tattoo on display which helped to compliment the all-black picturesque scene.

The photo shoot was showcased as a part of the SS22 campaign. The pictures were labeled with the address 36 Avenue Montaigne Paris.

See the pictures below:

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Alkaline and Williams were also photographed together in two separate shots. One was in the black and white style as the pictures with the pair looking directly at the camera and another was taken from the side in colour, with the two men looking away from the camera.

The pictures of Williams and Alkaline were captioned New York, New York, indicating that this is where they were when the shots were taken.

See the pictures below: