Baby Killed By Troop Of Monkeys

A four-month-old infant was thrown from the roof of his home by a troop of monkeys after his mother and father were both attacked by the animals.

According to news reports the child’s father, 25-year-old Nirdesh Upadhyay, and his mother, whose name has not been released, were on the rooftop of their home in Uttar Pradesh, India on Friday when they were pounced upon by a group of wild monkeys. The mother was able to escape but Upadhyay was cornered, and in his attempt to flee the infant fell from his arms. Relatives tried to assist the father but they were also attacked.

The boy was picked up by one of the monkeys and then thrown from the third-story rooftop. The child died instantly from his injuries sustained in the fall, and a probe has been launched to investigate the incident further.

Reports say that these attacks are not uncommon and the horrific incident comes a month after a 1-month-old boy was snatched by monkeys from his mother while she was breastfeeding the baby outside her house in Tanzania.

Villagers tracked down the troop of monkeys but the child later died in hospital from injuries sustained during the horrid ordeal.

Learn why the monkeys commit these acts below.

New leader kills monkey babies – Monkey Warriors – BBC animals.

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