Best Apps For Music College Major Students In 2022

Sometimes you may be away from home and you may not have access to your vocal coach or study resources for your music career. In this case, you need some guidance online for your aid. So here are some apps that could help you. While they cannot replace the need for coaches, they can surely help students. They can offer you some convenience to keep track of your progress and help identify areas of improvement. These apps may help you if you are enrolled in a college major in music.

VoCo Vocal Coach

Vocal problems can happen to anybody, even the most appreciated famous musicians and vocal artists. However, you cannot always afford to get expensive coaches. In that case, VoCo Vocal Coach can help you. This app can help aspiring musicians learn more about pitch, tone, control, and that also for free. You can also use it to manipulate the playback pitch. With its four different learning approaches vicarious, experiential, systematic, and diagnostic you can choose what suits you.

Singing Vocal Warm-ups

Another app that has been very popular with music students is Singing Vocal Warm-ups. It is a good idea for professionals and intermediate students. The feature that lets you choose a passage area is the highlight of the app along with the 16-scale pattern. The app is very easy to use so you do not need to worry if you are not very tech-savvy.

Vox tool

While it is still under research whether listening to music helps study, students often listen to music while studying. Vox tool has been designed by certified professionals to master speech-level singing vocal approach. However, that is not all that it offers. It also offers guided training sessions that are designed for male as well as female voices, giving you the liberty to record voice, and also use virtual musical instruments like a virtual piano. It is also known for its flexibility. You can customize free pieces of training that are part of it.


This is one of the most unique apps made to help aspiring musicians. Swiftscales is a heavily relied-on app not only by students but also coaches and teachers. The piano consists of 88 keys. You can also choose to have practice sessions and customize them based on your own difficulty level. The guidelines include audio samples, exercises for beginners, and video tutorials. The best part is that it supports any device so you can use it on your phone as well as your laptop.

Pocket Pitch

College majors need help to get through their degree and all of them cannot afford coaches. Sometimes it can be as difficult as writing a college essay. Well, just the way you have pro essay service to help you out with your essays you have Pocket Pitch for coaching your music. This app is available on your phone and so you have your instruments in your pocket on the go. The 6 octaves pitches are great when it comes to warming up. It offers a practical solution for musicians.


Having a major degree in music is a tedious journey. However, if you have the right resources, you can make it through the studies without frustration or panic. These are some of the apps that students use during their college journey to help them. There are many more out there that you can choose. So, do your research before you get these.

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