Blueface Tells Chrisean to Have an Abortion – See Posts

On another episode of the internet’s most toxic couple, Blueface tells Chrisean (who he claims to now be his ex-girlfriend) to get an abortion for her current pregnancy.

Blueface and Chrisean are widely known for their public fights and arguments which are often caught on camera, and after Chrisean announced her pregnancy, Blueface denied being the unborn child’s father and also made posts on social media stating that the couple has split.

Blueface has once again taken to the internet, this time to Twitter, pleading with Chrisean to get an abortion. He stated, “I’m cock blocking a pregnant bi**h lmao please do it pretty please I’ll pay frl 100k cash an the fees 🙏🏿.”

He went on to refer to Chrisean’s red carpet fight and called her mentally unstable before stating, “I don’t just have kids with anybody I’m real particular about the women I have children with,” confessing that he does not see Chrisean as good mother material.

Someone in the comment section of the post wrote, “Ngl, I wouldn’t want a baby by a dude that hates my guts this much like the disrespect is never gonna stop,” and another voiced, “he claims it’s not his baby, but is stressing over her getting the abortion… doesn’t add up.”

See the post and comments about the situation below:

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