Boosie Talks about Moving to Jamaica Amid the Possibility of States Passing Hanging Law

Boosie Badazz is among many concerned Americans opposing the implementation of lynching, which is currently being considered in Tennessee, United States. The rapper, who resides in Louisiana, has made it clear that he has no intention of remaining in America if this punishment comes into effect. 

Boosie, who has expressed his love for Jamaica and desires to move to the island on previous occasions, now sees it as one of his best options should America implement hanging.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Boosie wrote, “IF THEY MAKE HANGING (lynching) LEGAL IM MOVING TO JAMAICA OR AFRICA‼️” The tweet, which has garnered 156.4K views and 1,150 likes, has been retweeted 166 times since being posted Friday evening.

Twitter users have reacted to the tweet with the suggestion that the Set It Off artiste move to their country, while others debate the possibility of the law passing.

One Twitter user said, “I think they are only talking about that ( hanging from a tree) in Louisiana. But police have been lynching us all along all they did was start saying “stop resisting” ” I feared for my safety” and it’s just started being on video the last two decades.”

Another commented, “That’s what they want us to do boo, we gotta fight back we stronger than them.”

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In addition to Tennessee lawmakers discussing the implementation of lynching, there have been numerous sightings of nooses in some states. Recently, the US government has taken legal action against Exxon for a noose discovered in December 2020 in Louisiana, marking the fifth noose found on the site since 2016.

“A noose is a longstanding symbol of violence associated with the lynching of African Americans,” said Elizabeth Owen, an attorney with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which filed the lawsuit.

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Additionally, a number of nooses were found in 2021 at a Windsor, Connecticut, Amazon fulfilment centre construction site. One was also present in Chicago in 2022, where the Obama Presidential Complex was under development.