Bounty Killer Finally Reply to Shabba Ranks’ Statements “No little old lame run away back in di days guy cyaah size up one General” – See Posts and Watch Videos

Following Shabba Ranks’ remarks to veteran dancehall artistes, veteran deejay Bounty Killer has made his contributions to the dancehall genre clear to the public. 

While Jamaican artistes debated the increasingly popular and controversial “dunce” culture that is being propelled by dancehall newcomers, Ranks, fresh off of his performance on the Welcome to Jamrock Cruise in December, shared his views with Onstage’s Winford Williams on veteran artistes criticising newcomers. Ranks urged the younger artistes to show respect and appreciation for the foundation that had been built by their predecessors, but said that they were not required to do the same kind of music.

Noting that people had tried to control him during his career, he advised veterans to leave younger artistes alone. “A fi dem music. Come out a di yute dem arena and leave di yute dem meck dem do dem music,” Ranks stated.

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Bounty was also featured on the Jamrock Cruise and vehemently denounced the “dunce” culture.

On Friday, the Warlord seemingly had plenty to get off of his chest and declared his contributions to dancehall as he threw shade at an “old, lame, run away, back in di days guy.” Bounty shared multiple videos of his old performances on Instagram, and in the caption of a video of him performing alongside Wayne Marshall, he dubbed himself the “architect” and the “messiah.”

“Di Gaadzilla, di messiah, di architect. Mi reinvent dis twice time 1992 and 2002 from Scare Dem to Alliance, so no little old lame run away back in di days guy cyaah size up one General. Nuh NPT (no p**sy test) else a funeral. Dun chat to a dunce bat,” Bounty wrote.

The entertainer then acknowledged the artistes he believes laid the groundwork for stage shows and declared that he revolutionised them. Bounty said that he had been carrying the genre on his back since his rise to stardom. 

“Is which show some p**sy tek bout ya where and when post the clips them then mek we see I never left this for 3 months since mi buss 92 mi carry this pon mi back NPT,” Bounty stated. 

The Benz and Bimma deejay ended his series of posts by asserting that respect should be placed on his 30 years of contribution while styling himself as Sir Gaadzilla. As fans debated whether the only artiste capable of challenging the Gaadzilla was Beenie Man, Bounty shared a link to his clash with the Who Am I deejay at Diamond Splash in 2011, writing, “Watch that and tell mi if he can really manage my savagery😅😂🤣.”

View the post and watch the videos below.