Canada Opens First Legal Cocaine Lab And Approves The Sale Of The Drug – Watch Video

A contradictory press release by a British Columbian company left some viewers confused when they made a statement saying that the Canadian health care system gave them the go-ahead to produce, process, and distribute cocaine, among other illicit drugs.

The company in question is located in Langley, Canada, and goes by the name Adastra Labs. The company stated that they are operating under the protection of a new bill by the British Columbian state that decriminalizes small amounts of hard drugs for personal use. Also, it stated that its only intention is to make a safe supply of the drug for vulnerable users.

On the other hand, Kevin Falcon, leader of the current opposition party in Canada, stated at a legislative press conference that “this I believe is spinning out of control,” while expressing that he believes the ruling party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), is conducting the process of decriminalizing drugs poorly.

Furthermore, Premier David Eby, the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Vancouver, was coincidentally making an announcement about achieving new funding for mental health and addiction treatment when he was taken by surprise after a reporter asked if he was aware of Adastra Lab being authorized to produce and sell the extremely addictive drugs.

The premier had to quickly go on the defensive by saying that it was not part of their grand plan to help the victims. He then said, “If Health Canada did in fact do this, they did it without engaging with the province and without notice…”

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In conclusion, attempts to confirm if the licence was actually given to the company to start manufacturing and issuing the drug without informing the Premier have gone unanswered. Also, while British Columbia’s new bill allows for the drug to be used in small quantities by residents, it is still illegal to sell the drug, so it is unclear how Adastra Labs intends to distribute it.

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