Cancer Patient Makes $80,000 a Year on OnlyFans – See Photos

After being diagnosed with cancer, a 21-year-old Michigan woman thought her work on OnlyFans would be affected, but according to the adult content creator, she still makes $80,000 a year on the platform.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mya Richardson from Lansing, Michigan, USA, shared that she had experienced pain in her left side since she was 15. However, it was not until a painful lump started to develop on her lower abdomen that she realised that it was not because she had unbalanced hips, as doctors had suggested for years. After the lump developed in January 2022, Richardson went to a specialist, who diagnosed her with spindle cell sarcoma, a tumour that can develop in the bone or soft tissue.

Richardson was stunned by the news, as she thought it was a cyst that could have easily been removed. After her diagnosis, the OnlyFans content creator received four sessions of chemotherapy followed by 25 sessions of radiotherapy to shrink the tumour, which was spreading to her lungs.

Richardson said that she was initially worried about how losing her hair would affect her because her appearance was a major part of her job. But she has received an outpouring of positive feedback since losing her hair and is still able to support herself and her family.

“…Men love the bald look [ … ] I have cancer, but I’m still hot,” Richardson stated.

Following her interview with the Daily Mail and her subsequent feature on the Daily Loud Twitter page, Richardson shared that she expected nothing but backlash and thanked viewers for their support. Richardson, who gives cancer updates on her TikTok, said that her cancer is currently at stage 3.

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However, she is still being treated for stage 4 since they can not guarantee it has not spread microscopically to her lungs. Richardson assured her viewers that, though her content may slow down during her treatment, it will never stop.

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Mya Richardson/ SWN via the Daily Mail
Mya Richardson/ SWN via the Daily Mail
Mya Richardson/ SWN via the Daily Mail