Cardi B Does “Leggo Di Bird” Dance – Watch Video

Rapper Cardi B keeps sharing her Jamaican experiences, showing that she’s having a blast. In her recent viral video of her performing one of Jamaica’s biggest dance moves of 2022, “leggo di bird,” the “Up” rapper can be seen working her waistline in sync with her hands while following the instruction from the selector.

Cardi B could not hide her overflowing joy, which the dance move tends to bring out in people, as all was poured out on the dance floor. An all-Jamaican outfit with a merino top was worn by Cardi B.

As the rapper carries on her yearly vacation to Jamaica, it seems she can always be found at a party, as Jamaica is the party capital. Laalee Ranks, the creator of the song “Leggo Di Bird,” pioneered the dance move.

The Dancehall hitmaker\dance creator continues to take his music to new heights, and Cardi B executing the dance move shows his growing influence in the dancehall circles. The dancehall star posted a short clip of Cardi B doing the popular dance move with the caption, “When the influencers starts to be influenced.”

On the Instagram post fans, of the artiste showed their love for the rapper dancing in the comment section. A date for the couple’s departure from the island has not been confirmed so far.