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Romeich Talks Shenseea Marriage Rumours +Managing Ding Dong and Teejay

In a recent onstage interview, Romeich explains what it takes to manage Dancehall’s Dream Team which consists of Ding Dong, Shenseea and Teejay. Known to be a Producer,  Manager, Marketer, Road Manager, Fashion Designer for his Romeich Wear, Promoter and according to Winford Williams the list goes on and on, Romeich shifted his main focus to music a couple years ago after being very successful in the Fashion and Promotion business locally. Ding Dong Joined Romeich Entertainment in 2015, Shenseesa Joined in 2016 and Teejay in 2018 said Romeich. What’s the Formula? Romeich explains that the key to their success is that  “di wul a we is like one big family… from di man weh sweep up the yaad to di man weh fly out every week” he went on to state that everyone has respect for each other. [Sharingbuttons] The Boss to Dancehall’s best New Arrivals.  Romeich explains that …

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Squash drops Flashy Visual For – Money Fever [Music Video] HD

The much anticipated music video for Squashes hit song “Money Fever” as finally been released. The song was released back in 2018 and is considered to be Squash’s biggest song to date! some might say it was even his break-out song even though he was in jail when it was released. SOME LYRICS “we ketch a money fever… why yall talk about money and you aint got notn and yo know that yo broke… why yall wanna talk bout the white lady and you aint got no dope dope dope , wah yo know the big benz park up shabdon put it inna sport… weh wi deh wi up town wi up town, wi love gal wi love gun… mi ketch a money fever mi girlfriend a diva big benz park up a nuh tifa 6ix out here we a leada” Music Video Released April 16, 2019 Dancehall Music Genre …

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LISTEN: Kodak Black – Expeditiously (T.I. Diss) : SONG

Florida rapper Kodak Black releases this new grimy track called Expeditiously and he’s taking aim at everyone that talked bad against him over his Lauren London Comments after Nipsey Hussle passed away. SOME LYRICS “true story ain’t no lying… a wise man can play fool but a fool man can’t play wise… i ain’t going out like that rapper i want no tipping… on the news he t.i.p me that bwoy got no feelings… how di hell you calling me out when you know i don’t listen… how you tell me what came out my mouth you don’t even know Nipsey … special kinda nigga they know me they want my name slander” T.I stated earlier “Hey Kodak Black you outta pocket nigga, fix that shit… quickly… if no body else gonna say it i gonna say it and if i see yo i say it to yo face ” …

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Rygin King Talks “felt out of school” Statement, Currently on Canada Tour

Rygin King is currently in Canada and did an interview with Canada’s G-VIEW TV. Rygin states that he did 8 shows so far in Canada and not sure how much shows he will perform at in total before he returns to Jamaica. The One King did also mention that he was coming off a one month European tour. Then it was straight into the “felt out of school” statement in which he replied saying “Rygin King don’t even mek that matter him” he went on to explain that he does not make the viral negative videos get him down. The Mobay artiste also stated that he would pay the persons who made the viral videos of him from his recent onstage interview. Watch The Viral Video in question below! [Sharingbuttons] Fully Dunce Camp “a wi behaviour… is not like seh we a par with one set a illiterate thugz” King …

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LISTEN: Likkle Addi (Vybz Kartel’s Son) – Dollar Sign : SONG

Vybz kartel’s son Likkle Addi is re-launching his musical career with some new songs and this is the first release after being absent for couple years. Likkle Addi pays homage to his father’s 2009 hit song titled “Dollar Sign”. This witty new release have everyone speculating whether or not Vybz Kartel is writing his son’s music. SOME LYRICS “Dolla sign, Dolla sign… di shotta dem a pree di dolla sign… bring di money come pile it up and put it dung… carry di wul a it mi nuh wah u owe mi none… link up singa round a christian pen, love god but me don’t have nuh christian fren… likkle addi name ago forever reign” The teenage dancehaller sings about not depending on his parents(father Vybz Kartel and Mother Teresa Palmer aka Shorti) too much even though his parents have money, says “hussle fi yo own every dog get yo …

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Teejay Drops Visual for – Owna Lane [Music Video] HD

Watch this newly released music video from Mobay deejay Teejay for his hit song titled Owna Lane (Official Music Video). SOME LYRICS “Seh dem wi poison yo drinks… inna mi own lane suh nuh bwoy cah style me… mi nuh frighten fi links nuh style to mi thing and mi nuh trust some bwoy cah dem wi poison mi drinks… mi nuh wah be nuh links” Music Video Released April 14, 2019 Dancehall Reggae Music Genre. Produced by ROMEICH ENTERTAINMENT Watch full music video below! [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/jzA0mAnPfA8″]

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Busy Signal – It Ruff [Music Video] HD

Watch this eye opening new music video from superstar dancehaller Busy Signal for his new song called “It Ruff”. Busy Signal highlights the stress in most poor people life. Music video was shot in Jamaica. SOME LYRICS “it nuh easy fi survive out deh…dowg listen weh mi seh… some time we cah find di money fi buy likkle food or cloths it ruff.. cah stand fi si kids a ball wid bay hungry mouth it ruff… when the violence ago seize too much youth a dead out.. not just Jamaica all over the world thing tuff it ruff” Released April 13, 2019 Dancehall Reggae Music Genre Produced by Emudio Records Watch Full eye opening Music video from Busy Signal below! [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/vEDGOnUTe1I”]

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Vybz Kartel Rocks Up Over 2mil Views in 2 weeks

kartel laughing smile

According to youtube “Any Weather” by Vybz Kartel is the number one most played song by Jamaicans on the internet. The song was released at the end of last month on march 29. Some LYRICS “di wul a portmore and di wul a St. James… Salt Spring we not going under, all ghetto youth get yo money longer… Get the treasure money , money mekka any weather… straight pan di narrow nah mek nuh wrong turn” Vybz Kartel puts emphasis on the importance of ghetto youths making money to better their life. The witty song was Produced by Shab Don Records and distributed by Hapilos. For the Month of April Shab Don Records was announced by Hapilos as their producer of the month. The single is available worldwide on all digital platforms http://smarturl.it/kartel-anyweather Watch Full Video Below! [Sharingbuttons] The Music Video for any weather was shot and edited by BlingBlangWork. …

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Shelly Belly, Marvin, Tall-Up, Rebel, Energy, Dj Ruxie etc at… WAPPINGZ THURSDAYZ [Video]

“dance wi a dance” Watch hightlights from the last staging of the popular Jamaican street dance called WAPPINGZ THURSDAYZ. Watch as Jamaica’s top female and males dancers show-off their talents in Kingston. 25 minutes of pure dancehall entertainment, This is WAPPINGZ THURSDAYZ with THEREALDJRUXIE_CDFANTASY REALDJCARDOCDFANTASY 4 APRIL. Watch full video below! [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/yo0n68EAgPc”]

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Shenseea Opens Up About Her Current Sickness

Shenseea shares some not so good news with her fans online about current issues with her voice, “hey guys a know a lot of ya’ll been hearing me complaining that i’ve been sick for quite some time now cause it seems to be forever in my book”. Shenseea went on to state that “i haven’t been able to sing a song properly or anything… on my shows you can hear my voice leaving in the middle of my set” She explains going through this for a month and not taking it serious as similar feeling in the past usually goes away after 2 days. She started getting more suspicious about the issue after finding out she can’t even deejay which she explains is easier to do than singing. She went to a Doctor and was diagnosed with a mile vocal cord trauma “yeah some serious shit a gwaan” she states. …

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