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RUMOUR: Vybz Kartel To Become a Grandfather

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Vybz Kartel’s son Akheel Palmer aka likkle Addi reportedly posted a picture to his Instagram earlier with a pregnant girl beside him and according to the comments, this is Likkle Addi’s girlfriend and she’s pregnant hence Vybz Kartel is about to become a grandfather soon. One fan commented “I really hope he’ll be a good father although he’s a child himself. Most Jamaican kids lack emotional support from their parents it’s not always about material things. Wish them all the best.” while another said, “Children having children 🤦🏾‍♂️.”. Likkle Addi and his brother Likkle Vybz are expected to release new music soon, they will also appear on Vybz Kartel’s upcoming album “of dons and Divas”, which is set to be released this summer. The song that both Likkle Addi and his bigger brother Likkle Vybz will be featured on is titled “Militant Coup”. See the viral picture of Vybz Kartel’s …

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Govana on Top With HAMANTS CONVO Part 2, #1 Song/Video in Jamaica

After much success from HAMANTS CONVO Part 1, 4th Genna deejay Govana’s newest release is just as good or even better, “a Chris again” Govana informs his gyal clown friend Chris about his gyallis class while Chris believes he is a “born gyallis”. The dramatic song and video which was released on May 3rd and has racked up over 2.5 million views in just two weeks noted on May 16th, it is now one of the fastest moving Dancehall songs in the history of youtube. HAMANTS CONVO Part 2 climbed to the number 1 trending spot in Jamaica on youtube after 1 day of release and has stuck there since. HAMANTS CONVO Part 1 was released January 17, four months ago and has racked up 8,592,751 views since. Will there be a part 3? While fans anticipate a part 3 to Hamants Convo, Govana went online to highlight the success …

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Vybz Kartel, Skillibeng, Jucee Froot and Tommy Lee to Release “BadGyal” Collab

Vybz Kartel’s upcoming album, Of Dons and Divas has gotten a new song titled “BadGyal” which features three other artistes, Tommy Lee Sparta, Skillibeng and female rapper Jucee Froot. Someone earlier posted on Instagram that “Look out for a Brand-New Collaboration Song between Vybz Kartel. Jucee Froot and Tommy Lee Sparta.” Vybz Kartel responded to this post making a correction to the statement saying “and @skillibeng” making it clear that Skillibeng will also be apart of the song. With all the unique talents brought to the table by each of these artists, many fans are interested in seeing the results. This upcoming project is said to be coming out this summer, June to be specific. The song is an added treat to the 15 tracks already in the album which include collaborations from the likes of Slimatic, Sikka Rymes, Daniiboo, Lisa Mercedez, Teejay, Squash, Lisa Hyper, Likkle Vybz, Likkle Addi, …

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Jamaica the Most Iconic Nation to Hit Mainstream Pop Culture

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There are so many things to say about Jamaica the fourth largest island country in the Caribbean, it is  located south of Cuba, west of Haiti and east of the Cayman Islands. The island is divided into 14 parishes and the capital Kingston is the busiest part of the country, followed by Montego-Bay and then Mandeville. The Iland is divided into 3 different Counties Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey, they have no administrative significance showing that the country still has a residue of British rule. The three international airports on the island are Sangster’s International, Norman Manley International and Boscobel’s Ian Flemming International,    named after the famous writer who wrote the James Bond movies when he got his inspiration at that end of the country. The Prime Minister at the time when the airport was being named, believed Jamaica was put on the map because of what Flemming did.  There …

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Govana to Keep Online Gyallis Classes

GOVANA Hits 1 Million Views in 2 days

Ever since Govana released HAMANTS Convo 2, the listeners have gone into an emotional frenzy. They have continuously been requesting the deejay to introduce Gyallis classes – for the hype has skyrocketed. It all started with the release of HAMANTS convo back in January when Govana fulfilled his promise and gave Chris – a protagonist in the music video. Recently Govana shared on his Instagram account a conversation between three people – two men and one woman – in which the men can be heard discussing the classes and enquiring if the classes are a rumour and discussing the procedure to get registered. In this pure fanboys’ discussion, the woman is heard saying that it’s merely gimmicks and it will vanish in thin air. The men – disheartened – are then heard asking for Govana’s cell phone number stressing on the need to contact him. Govana – in the caption …

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Who Shot Bob Marley?

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On 3 December 1976 Bob Marley was shot at his residence and was taken to hospital. He was shot in the chest and arm by unknown assassins, and his wife and manager who were along with him seriously got injured as well. Bob Marley was scheduled to perform at a concert in two days, “Smile Jamaica”, a free concert organised by the Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley in an attempt to ease the tension between two warring political groups but this concert was not welcomed by some JLP members. The primary aim of arranging the show was to ease the tensions of the politics that had taken over Jamaica in 1976. Bob Marley was gaining fame and attention in Europe and America, and the assassination attempt on him was a shock to his millions of fans. People believe that the murder attempt happened because he promoted freedom. The assassins shot …

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Vybz Kartel Shows Rare Picture Of himself and Lisa Hyper as Teens

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Vybz Kartel is known to be the dancehall artiste that releases the most songs on a monthly and yearly bases, now the Gaza general is arguably the most active dancehall artiste or Jamaican entertainer on social media. Despite claiming that he would not post on IG several weeks ago, Vybz Kartel returned to Instagram with more posts on a daily bases than before. Vybz kartel as been so active online that he has posted 9 different posts over the past 24 hours and two of them had his longtime friend Lisa Hyper in it. Kartel posted the picture below with the following caption “Watch her inna di middle @lisa_hyper Ya bait eno 😂😂 mi ave all my receipts”. These pictures were seemingly taken in Portmore. Kartel also posted the picture above of himself, Lisa hyper and other friends, while Lisa could be identified quickly, Kartel knew that some fans would …

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Popcaan Cuts His hair

Popcaan cuts His hair

To the dancehall world’s surprise Andrae Hugh Sutherland aka Popcaan went and cut his hair off, Popcaan who had braids ever since he broke onto the dancehall scene in 2008 is looking to switch things up. Seemingly the Unruly Boss thinks he might be having a bad 2020 and cutting his hair off may change his fortune. It’s unusually but the unruly boss is yet to strike a back to back number one hit songs in Jamaica since 2020 has he always do yearly. In recent times Popcaan had a public fall-out with former musical partner Notnice, Popcaan stayed away from the limelight since that situation but now he is back with a different look. Popcaan posted the picture below a few hours ago on IG, one fan asked “Where is your hair 😳😳😳”, while another said “Am not liking this look 😭😭😭”. Popcaan who did not have much to …

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This is why Bob Marley wrote the “Redemption Song”

This is why Bob Marley wrote the “Redemption Song”

“Redemption Song” Most Influential Song in Jamaica’s Music History The final track on the Bob Marley and the Wailers twelfth Album ‘Uprising’ is the song ‘Redemption Song’ done by Bob Marley, it was produced by Chris Blackwell through ‘Island Records’. Some of the key lyrics in the song were derived from a speech entitled “The Work that has been done” that Marcus Garvey the Pan-Africanist orator had given many years before. It is an acoustic recording that is different from the majority of Marley’s music. It was done in the G major key; without accompaniments. ‘Redemption Song’ was released in the UK and France as a single in October 1980, a full band rendered the song. That version was included as a bonus track in 2001, on the reissue of ‘Uprising’ and on a compilation of the ‘The Very Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ in 2001.  On February …

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Busy Signal Shades Govana- Says He Is The Trendsetter

busy signal and govana.jpg

Veteran dancehall artiste Busy Signal appears to throw shades at fellow artiste Govana. The ‘One More Night’ hitmaker took it to his Instagram on Thursday, May 7th, 2020 where he uploaded a spinet of one of his hit series titled ‘ REASONING’ and claim to have set the trend for these types of vocals in dancehall. “3 Years Ago Today May 7th. #ReasoningSeriesAnniversary Giving thanks 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #TrendSetting” Busy wrote. View this post on Instagram 3 Years Ago Today May 7th. #ReasoningSeriesAnniversary Giving thanks 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #TrendSetting ✊🏾 #may7 #ArtistOfTheDecade 🎥: @warriorfilmsja . . . . . #busysignal #turfpresident #sirexcellency #gorillaturf #turf #gorilla #dancehall #reggae A post shared by BUSY SIGNAL (@busysignal_turf) on May 7, 2020 at 2:10pm PDT Many fans seem to be in agreement with Busy Signal saying he is definitely the trendsetter for these types of vocals in dancehall, whilst others argued that several artistes before him the likes of Professor Nuts, …

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