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Joel Andem Documentary : Jamaican Gangster [Video]

Check out this a detailed report on a former Jamaica Most Wanted Man Joel Andem. Reportedly involved in 23 murders and now serving a lengthy prison sentence. One person commented “Joel did an interview once & pointed out that the same (law) people who were looking for him were the …

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Sikka Rymes Shot, Now in CRITICAL condition

Vybz kartel’s protege Sikka Rymes was shot early this morning in St. Andrew, reports are that he was shot about 3:45am after which he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Sikka Rymes is now undergoing surgery at the Kingston Public Hospital. This is not the first time the …

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Learn Why Oxtail Is A Jamaican Delicacy [Video]

formerly the poor man’s food, Back in the day, oxtail was specifically the tail of an ox. Today, it can be the tail of any cattle. What used to be considered a throwaway cut of meat is now one of the most expensive, ranging from $4 to $10 per pound. …

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