Chief Currie Warns That The Maroons Are In Defence Mode Against Attack From Former Colonel – Watch Video

Chief Richard Currie warned that the Accompong Maroons will be going into full defence mode after information revealed that there is a brewing attack against community members by the former leader, Colonel Ferron Williams, along with gunmen and corrupt police officers.

According to Chief Currie, the entrance of the new security gate that was built in January of 2022 by the Maroon Council was destroyed and removed. In a video post, two sides of a column had holes where the gate was seemingly mounted, but no gate was present. He indicated that the reason for this is for Col. Williams and associates to harm the people of Accompong, an attack which he says is slated to happen.

The Maroon Chief also shared that he is being targeted for information that was found by the Maroon Council regarding the building that Colonel Williams and Timothy McPherson ( former Minister of Finance for the Accompong Maroons), wanted to operate as a “so-called” bank in the community.

Furthermore, he added that the social media page, @accompongnews is allegedly linked to the conspiracy to overthrow him and his administration. He then urged the public to report this page.

With a final note, Chief Currie acknowledged that war is forthcoming, however, affirms that the Accompong Maroons are ready to defend themselves. “THEY ARE FORCING A WAR!#SoundDiAbeng 📯⛰🚩,” the caption says.

Watch the video below:

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