Chip Glock Lyrics: Kartel’s Grimy Unreleased Song

Vybz Kartel , the renowned lyricist whose diverse musical catalogue spans many years, is no stranger to writing about guns and the like. This has not changed since being imprisoned for the past several years as it seems as if the Worl’ Boss is about to drop another banger. The artiste has released the lyrics of the unreleased song for his anxious fans.  Kartel took to Instagram on Tuesday and reminded us of his violent thoughts.

The Worl’ Boss provided the lyrics for the entire song, not previously mentioned until only a few hours ago. Check out his lengthy text below, which starts with the lines “Pullup inna black bimma scrap di back window. Glock inna hand, hot finga. Log drop – timber.” 

Check out the rest below.

Also check out the audio clip that was attached.