Chris Brown Sued – Woman has Eye Injuries

A woman whose name is Danielle Griffin, claims that she suffered eye injuries when she was hired as a backup dancer to perform in a CB music video, that was being shot in Downtown Los Angeles in September 2017.

Griffin claims that during the shoot a makeup and wardrobe artist poured fake blood on her head and told her she would have no problems, even though her eyes were not protected. The substance has caused serious damage to her both eyes and this is her reason for suing the Superstar.

It was reported by Arshia Mardasi from the firm, Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie that Griffin had to visit 3 hospitals in 24 hours to get treatment for her eyes, she was not able to work or pursue her master’s degree during her recovery.

The photos of the woman with the injured eyes will make you squirm. It was reported that puss and green sticky liquid also came from her eyes. It was looking very terrible, but the reports are still seen as allegations at this time.