Chrisean Rock Punches Her Former Stylist at Baddies West Season Premier – Watch Video

It seems more and more evident that Chrisean Rock has little to no self-control as she is seen fighting everywhere she makes an appearance. In a recent post, Chrisean made it public that she’s pregnant; however, if she continues down this path, it is likely that she could get herself seriously injured or even damage her unborn child.

The Reality TV star was doing an interview on the red carpet of the season premiere of Baddies West yesterday evening and the topic of her pregnancy came up. In her interview, she spoke about having a journey with her pregnancy and said that she wanted only positivity for herself during this time.

Baddies West is a Zeus Network reality television show.

Although it is unclear what led up to Chrisean’s reasons for trying to start a public altercation with her former stylist, Chrisean is seen sucker-punching the unsuspecting woman and then retreating behind a man who is assumed to be her bodyguard. After the hit, the woman in pink exclaims, “what the F**k!,” and tries to get to strike back.

However, the bodyguard holds on to the lady as she tries to retaliate but her efforts proved unsuccessful because of his large stature. Chrisean is then escorted away by some ladies who were standing close by.

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Watch the video of the incident below: