Chronixx Speaks Out Against SOJA’s Grammy Backlash

Chronixx has shown his full support for SOJA, the American band that took home the ‘Best Reggae Album’ Grammy, and indicated that everyone should “show respect” for “one of the top reggae bands in the world”.

Many persons have had a lot to say regarding the ‘Best Reggae Album’ Grammy being awarded to a group of Americans instead of one of the Jamaican nominees. Some Jamaican celebrities have been giving the Grammys a lot of backlash over what is being called a “sell-out” move by many internet users.

However, popular reggae singer Chronixx is now among the few Jamaican celebrities who have publicly applauded the band for their victory.

 On his Instagram Story, Chronixx wrote a speech acknowledging the hard work SOJA has done, saying “SOJA been one of the best bands in America for years. Overall one of the top reggae bands in the world for years. So you shouldn’t have to be a fan to show respect.”

“Don’t mention me on some post trying to discredit honourable people who doing what they love,” he continued. “Dem man ya been blessing us and sharing their platforms for with us for years….consistently. Bring nuff a wi on the road before we got opportunities open for any of the native Jamaican music legends. Wah wrong wid some men?”

The 29-year-old ‘Skankin’ Sweet’ singer concluded by adding, “Big up Jacob and the crew! @sojagram Big up @rebelutionmusic @stickfiguremusic @dirtyheads @thegreen8o8 @theexpanders @hiriemusic @jboogmusic @realcolliebuddz big up to the god @alborosieofficial who fi get 10000 more awards. The god gentleman…all my global roots music massive. They can’t stop the consciousness.”

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