Damian Marley Supports Sizzla Kalonji – Watch Video

Damian Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, stands with Sizzla Kalonji amidst the feud with Grammy Award-winning producer, DJ Khaled, after setting fire to two platinum plaques received from him. Since then, persons from the entertainment fraternity have either been showing their support or voicing their disapproval.

But, it now seems that the Road To Zion artiste has chosen to side with his countryman Sizzla as both were spotted together having a good time at the Jamrock Reggae Cruise, where they graced the stage with reggae music.

While at the event, Sizzla spoke to Hot 97, which was his first interview since going viral for burning the plaques. Sharing his thoughts about the occasion, he said, “This is the time for us not to be distracted but to be united, and in having something like this with Jamrock Cruise, to be out in the sea, singing on the ship… It wasn’t like this in those days, so really honoured.”

Sizzla continued by stating, “And I wanna thank the people for supporting your music; reggae music, dancehall music is for the people worldwide. It doesn’t matter what nation you’re from.”

Damian Marley, also known as Junior Gong, interjected and said, “And we love the babies.” This comes as a direct reference to the controversial move Sizzla took when he dismantled the plaques.

In the viral videos of him tearing the awards apart, the Rastafarian artiste carefully removed the pictures of DJ Khaled’s son, saying, “babies are innocent.”  Following Damian Marley’s statement, both singers laughed and repeated the words, “we love the babies.” 

Watch the video of Sizzla and Damian below.