Damion Lowe Shares his Thoughts on Leon Bailey’s Break from the Reggae Boyz: “JFF Can Do Way Betta… Wi Need Wi Best Players”

Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 7:47 PM GMT-5

During an interview aired on Monday, Jamaican footballer and Reggae Boy Damion Lowe shared his thoughts on Leon Bailey’s temporary exit from the national team.

In March, Bailey announced that he would be taking a break from the Reggae Boyz, citing several issues, such as the Jamaica Football Federation’s (JFF) management of the team. Since Bailey’s break, many have reacted to his departure from the squad, with Lowe sharing his own thoughts on Wayne Marshall’s show, The Cut.

Lowe said that he and Bailey have a close friendship outside of football and often have heart-to-heart conversations. The footballer expressed that, like Bailey, he believes that the federation is capable of doing a lot better than it is now.

“We know the situation. We know the JFF can do way betta and sometimes we feel dem nah tek di extra steps fi do betta suh him speak out,” Lowe stated.

From left: Damion Lowe, Wayne Marshall, and Teejay

He also shared that it is disappointing to not have Bailey on the team when he is in such good form.

“Now him a tek a break, it’s sad because him inna top form righta now. Wi want wi best players pon di field at all times. So obviously mi ago feel some type a way bout it because wi need wi best players pon di team.”

Lowe went on to state that Bailey has a personal issue that needs to be addressed, not just ignored, so that they can move forward as a team. The Reggae Boy added that the team is bigger than any of them and that they are playing for the country.

Watch Lowe’s interview below.


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