Dancehall Artiste Talks On His Son Being Killed By Soldier After Gun Salute in St. Andrew – Watch Video

The son of veteran dancehall artiste Angel Doolas, Noel Douglas was killed by members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) moments into the new year. 21-year-old Douglas reportedly was amongst men who fired shots into the air in a gun salute on Balcombe Drive in St Andrew.

At the scene, the police’s Corporate Communications Unit seized a Sig Sauer handgun with 10 9mm rounds and two 12-gauge cartridges.

There is currently an investigation being conducted by the Independent Commission of Investigations into this case. This incident has been the subject of some controversy.

Douglas’ father, Angel Doolas, who currently lives in the US, disputes the claim that his son was a gunman. According to him, Douglas had never been arrested or charged with any criminal offense and was not a gang member. Doolas also indicated that he doubted the official account given by the police officers, as his son was in shorts at the time with money in his hands, and it is inconceivable that he possessed two high-powered guns.

Moreover, the veteran artiste asserted that the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) was planting weapons on the shooting scene to tarnish his son’s reputation.

According to Doolas, he is upset at his son because he should have been in his house and not on the street around the yearly activity which is often done by persons with guns to ring in the new year.

During the early 2000s, Doolas was known for the hit song, Fitness, which featured dancehall stalwart Bounty Killer. He is also the writer for Bounty Killer’s hit song Book Book Book.

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