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“Uncle Demon” aka Tommy Lee Summoned By The Police In Relation To A Shooting

“Uncle Demon” is wanted by the police. The gothic dancehall artiste Tommy Lee is now a person of interest in relation to a shooting. The Mobay Deejay was listed as such by the St. James police. They noted the artist as someone who would be able to help them with investigations into the incident and according to the Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit, Stephanie Lindsay, Tommy Lee who is properly known as Leroy Russell is being asked to be available to the police by noon of June 7, 2020. Further information on the shooting was not provided by the Police as they only made it clear that they are expecting the Artist to show up to them by midday of tomorrow. Russell has in the past seen run-ins with the law which he also expressed affected his career. In 2016 and 2017 the police also requested Tommy lee to turn …

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Veteran Dancer Labba Labba Passes Away

Veteran dancer of the dancehall space, Labba Labba has is reported dead. The dancer was said to be in his house when it happened. The Dancer was known to be sick for some time and unfortunately succumb to his illness. Before he died, Labba Labba was known for the dance moves he created while working with artists such as Elephant Man, Beanie man, and Bogle. In the past Labba Labba had mentioned that he toured with Elephant Man however as a result of the artist’s meanness he did not benefit monetarily from his work. Since recent times he became known for a very controversial video that was released of him accusing Beenie Man of Bogle’s death which was later dispelled by the artist. The dancer was noted to be a very Jovial person who according to his friends loved to gamble as he was very skilled at it. It is …

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Ishawna, Shauna Controller and D’Angel Joins “ONLY-FANS” Sex Website

d angel only fans

There seems to be an ongoing trend with Jamaican female dancehall artists as three of the feminine acts out of the music space has established OnlyFans account, a British-based website widely known to house pornographic content. “This a fi mi fans only, i’m the baddest bitch…. this a fi mi v.i.p” Sings Ishawna in her recently released song titled “Only Fans” where she explains that she will send her fans sexy pictures 3 times perday. D’Angel wrote the following online as caption for the picture below “Gyal body thick and trang enuh! This and more complete images are over on my OnlyFans! Subscribe now! Click the link in my bio or send me a DM.” D’ angel on only fans Shauna Controller is the third female artist behind Ishawna and D’Angel to create accounts on the subscription-based website that uses fan sign-ups to make money. In a story posted on …

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Intence Tells Foota Hype to Go ‘S’ his Mother in New Song

intence dancehall artiste 2020

Intence disses Foota Hype, Trending Dancehall artiste Intence is in the spotlight again, this time it’s a feud with Foota Hype who earlier mention that Vybz Kartel took his girl away from him. “Unuh feel like seh Intence and Kartel have problem ova song” asked Foota Hype in an IG live a few days ago. According to Foota Hype Vybz Kartel “a tek weh” multiple dancehall artistes girlfriends while he is behind bars “all a di artiste dem yuh si and kartel a kick off a ova gal” Foota concluded. Intence has since fired back at Foota’s claims, telling him about his mother as Jamaicans usually do when they get upset! at someone “Nuh gal cah style mi Suck yo madda foota Hype” in his own words. Intence states that he will be giving Foota Hype “piece a di fame”, seemingly by insulting him. See the preview to the song …

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This is Rygin King’s Last Interview Before being Shot [Video]

This is Rygin King's Last Interview Before being Shot [Video]

Mobay deejay Rygin King who is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital after receiving multiple gunshots last week while he was reportedly changing a car tyre in Westmoreland on Sunday June 28, about 3:15 p.m. Rygin who sees himself as “One King Dancehall baddest thing” sat down with Pantason recently to talk about his favourite weed strains and more. Watch full interview below.

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Learn about Vybz Kartel’s Journey in the Dancehall Music Business Since 1993

Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel started his journey in the music business as a teenager with “Love Fat Woman” in 1993, at the time he used the moniker “Adi Banton” as he wanted to have a name close to Buju Banton’s name because he was popular at that time. Vybz Kartel or The Worl Boss whose given name is Adidja Azim Palmer was born on January 7, 1976. Kartel is now a top Jamaican dancehall Reggae recording artist, record producer, entrepreneur, and he has been recognized as one of the most prolific and skilled lyricists credited with further popularizing dancehall genre. Kartel has been popular throughout the Caribbean and his singles have caused his fame to rise, they include “Romping Shop” released in 2009, “Dancehall Hero” in 2010 and “Summertime” released in 2011. He has collaborated with many of internationally famous hip hop and R&B artists in the past, he did music with Rihanna, Major …

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Govana Has The #1 Song in Jamaica

4th Genna artiste Romeo Nelson aka Govana returns with another hit song titled “Likkle Bit a Money”, the song and visual was premiered on July 3rd and has racked up over 300k views in just two days. According to youtube and other online platforms “Likkle Bit a Money” is the number one most streamed song in Jamaica as of July 5th. To celebrate his number one spot, Govana who is now 30 years old posted the picture below online. Some lyrics “Bwoy move from yah suh with yo likkle bit a money, shut yo moth with yo likkle bit a money”. Govana in the sky, not likkle bit a money. View this post on Instagram THE MAKING OF “LIKKLE BIT A MONEY” 36,000 FT COURTESY OF @iflycaribbean ..#4MONTHSAGUH #TIMING… GUH STREAM IT NOW !! A post shared by GOVANA GENNAGENNA (@govanagenna) on Jul 5, 2020 at 7:35am PDT The entertaining …

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Vybz Kartel’s New Lawyer Says Vybz Kartel Is A National Treasure

vybz kartel smile laughing smilling joke funny

Dancehall News, The new Attorney at Law representing Dancehall Artiste Vybz Kartel at the privy council has made his comments as to his position concerning Vybz Kartel and his efforts to overturn the murder conviction handed to him. Buchanan who is also a recording artist as well as a fan of Vybz Kartel dubbed the artiste as “Jamaica’s National Treasure and musical lifeline”. He mentioned that it was an honor to be representing Vybz Kartel as an attorney at law. Buchanan told the news that the local music industry is “Stagnant” stemming from the freedom of expression being fought. Alongside Isat Buchanan’s representation of Vybz Kartel properly known as Adidjah Palmer, co-convicted Kahira Jones, and Andre St. John is now being represented by Attorney at law John Clarke while Attorney Bert Samuels still represents Shawn Campbell otherwise known as “Shawn Storm”. The date for the start of the hearing was …

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Rygin King Transferred From Medical Facility Due To Security Concerns


25 years old Rygin King who goes by the real name Matthew Smith was shot and injured last week by gunmen, he was first taken to the Savanna-la-mar Hospital then later transferred to Falmouth Hospital where he was being treated and noted to be recovering. Security concerns have emerged that some men tried to gain access to the Artiste while he was being stabilized at the facility. According to the news, some of the men are being detained by the police. The management of Rygin King did not hesitate to act swiftly by transferring the Deejay to another medical facility. The management team of the artiste mentioned that the location where the artiste has been moved to is secure and undisclosed as a result of the attempt by the men as well as the number of leak photos and videos of the artiste which they said that they are now …

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