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Jahvillani Worth $107 Million?

jahvillani top dancehall song in Jamaica

It is possible that Jahvillani could be worth more than his fans know.

 Sources revealed that the Dancehall artiste Jahvillani may have more coins than you thought. He reportedly made an Instagram post earlier this week with a screenshot which said he was worth over $107 million.

 The internet source claims that the 24-year-old entertainer earned his huge wealth from his career in the music business.

 $107 million would actually place Jahvillani among the richest entertainers on earth. He would be close to superstars such as Drake, who has a $150 million net worth.

 However, fans are not actually buying into the hype it seems, as many are pointing out that it is possible for anyone to edit a Wikipedia page.

 One fan said this “Y’all do ppl edit sh*t on Wikipedia right? That’s why you can’t quote from them on any major papers.” Another fan also quickly tore down …

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Foota Hype Moved to New Facility but Still in Custody

foota hype

Foota Hype was moved to a different holding facility in Florida recently.

 He is still in custody after he was detained 90 days ago by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

 The popular Jamaican disc jock was relocated from the Krome Service Processing Centre to the Broward Transitional Centre (BTC).

 The facility, which is in Pompano Beach, Florida, has illegal immigrants and other “non-criminal and low-security detainees staying there.” It is also the place where new immigrants seeking asylum or residency stay.

 Foota was detained on December 14, 2019, when he arrived at Port Everglades Seaport in Ft Lauderdale. He was aboard the Independence of the Seas cruise, that travelled from Falmouth, Jamaica.

 In December the case was dismissed against the controversial disc jock by a Florida judge, but he still remained there.

 Sources revealed that Foota Hype’s legal team made a request for him to remain in custody in …

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Govana Expresses Love For His Second Child

Govanna Expresses Love For His Second Child

Govana, the Dancehall superstar revealed the birth of his second child to his fans recently. 

He announced the birth of his second child, Rahri a baby girl, when he took to Instagram earlier this week. 

He shared a photo of him holding his daughter, both of them were dressed in full white, with the caption, “I SHALL AND I WILL … THE DYNASTY WILL BE CEMENTED …6 MONTHS AGUH JAH BLESSED ME AGAIN ..#RJ IS A BIG BRO NOW… #RAHIRI.”

 Many of his fans were surprised when the announcement came six months after the actual birth of his daughter.

 Many of his fans flocked to social media to congratulate the deejay, while others were curious and wondered how he managed to keep the news so private.

  “Congratulations govii” one fan said and another said “Congrats me artist 🙏🙏🙏continue keep ur head up fam💙” one fan commented.

 Govana’s first child is …

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This School Got Cleaning Supplies from The Alkaline Foundation

alkaline donates to school

The Alkaline Foundation donated cleaning agents and disinfectant to the Maxfield Park Children’s Home on Wednesday. The New Era Productions team, management for Alkaline, formed the Foundation back in 2014 in hopes of giving back to the less fortunate. The Foundation, headed by Alkaline, consists of 4 other members who have been actively assisting persons in numerous capacities. With the increase in the number of persons affected by the Covid-19 Virus, the Foundation responded to the needs of the Maxfield Park Children’s Home. Mrs. Dunn-Ferguson, caretaker of the children’s home said “I would like to thank the Alkaline Foundation very much. We truly appreciate the donation which was timely and well needed and we truly appreciate the gesture”. Alkaline’s manager Kereena Beckford added, “While the home is presently on lockdown, the Foundation understood there was a need for the products and made them readily available. This is the first step …

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Vybz Kartel and Popcaan Praises Bounty Killer “Me love di General”

Bountykiller reggae month 2020

As usual incarcerated dancehall star Vybz Kartel geeps his fans up to date via posts on social media, in one of his latest posts Kartel wrote “I wonder if people really appreciate how great this man really is. Is just a pity Dancehall doesn’t have a well organised and streamlined industry that would have all the to truly celebrate the greatness of Dancehall “Gads” ( pun intended )”. The worl’Boss went on to state that “Bounty killa never start Dancehall but his impact on the Genre is ubiquitous and universal. If Dancehall’s creator was “newton” ,Bounty Killer is “einstein” weh upgrade it and in some instances, redifine it or change it all together.” Kartel then reminds us the great Bounty has done in dancehall “Just check di amount of youth killa help realise dem potential . Both artiste producer promoter ,plus the joy weh him bring to di fans and …

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Buju Banton Talks New 20 Track Album and his Return to Music

Buju Banton Talks New 20 Track Album and His Return Music

After a year since his release, Buju Banton has claimed his place in the upper position in dancehall. He not only, staged an epic concert in Jamaica, but he had sold-out concerts in other places around the Globe on the “long walk to freedom” tour. He made hit songs again and wants to do more music for the whole world now, that everyone can be proud of. It is interesting to hear about what he did to preserve his talent and how he now acknowledges his relentless effort to raise the standard of the music. He now says he feels good to be back home and even though he was tired after he travelled on the night he landed in Jamaica, but he was touched by the outpouring of love he felt coming from the people. He was quickly whisked away that night, but he was touched by the vibes he …

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Popular Selector Almost Lost His Life in Car Accident on Toll Road

Popular Selector Almost Lost His Life in Car Accident on Toll Road

Popular dancehall selector DJ Bishop Escobar was on his way to Kingston after he left an event in Clarendon last Sunday when he had a car accident. He made a narrow escape after his vehicle was hit close to a toll booth on Highway 2000 and he is currently counting his blessings. He wasn’t even driving at the time, as there was a line of traffic approaching the second toll booth, the vehicles were heading towards Kingston and his vehicle was at a complete stop when suddenly a car slammed into his vehicle pushing him onto the banking. His head was injured when it hit the steering wheel. In an interview he said, he was almost run over by another vehicle after he exited his car to speak to the driver who owned the car that had just crashed into his. Escobar told the JAMAICA STAR “The whole thing happened in …

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