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Female dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper took to her Instagram live where she made a public apology to Spice otherwise known as Grace Hamilton. Lisa Hyper who is known as the first lady of the Gaza camp announced on her Instagram that she has no beef with any other female in dancehall. She made it clear that she appreciated all the female artistes in the business for their contributions to the music. In making an effort to move forward from past drama she went ahead and made it clear that she apologizes to Spice about things that happened between them before and wants them to move forward. The business has seen the two female artists send diss songs in the past at each other Lisa Hyper has made a conscious decision to apologize for disrespecting Spice in order to move forward with the air cleared. The female artiste made it clear …

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Fast Rising upcoming artist Chemistry Boss is going for the Win

Chemistry Boss

After his story broke on Dancehall IG and Vybzpromo social media Platforms the classic lifestyle track has gained the attention of both local and overseas audience. The artiste belives that with the right promo this track will cement his spot in the industry. The buzz started when another well-known artiste try to run with his classic lifestyle concept which is endorsing Reebok classic. Since that “a lot of persons are reaching out to me encouraging me to push on and don’t give up. I am still putting in a lot of work and trying my best to put it out in a positive way” stated Chemistry Boss. He went on to state that “I am feeling a sigh of relief because am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel”. “I have high hopes that this song will do great in the musical space. Currently am just humbly counting …

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Lisa Hyper RESPONDS To Shorty’s Comment on Giving Kartel Oral Sex

Lisa Hyper and Shorty Now Feuding Online After This Was Said

In an instagram live video female dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper clarified a comment that was made by popular dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel’s wife,Tanesha Johnson. Johnson in an interview with DJ Lava mentioned that she is not watching any female that is only giving Kartel oral sex. The line is coming from a brand new Vybz Kartel song entitled “Cute rider” that Tanesha otherwise known as Shorty said the artiste made specially for her. In Lisa Hyper’s live video, the comments coming in from the fans were stating that Shorty disrespected her. Lisa Hyper mentioned that Shorty can say what she wants to but cannot do her anything. She further mentioned that all of Kartel’s girls give him oral sex. She also stated that Vybz Kartel is Shorty’s man and she does not want him. She further told her fans that no girl can hit her in the face and that …

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Shorty Admits To Stabbing Kartel After Catching Him With Another Female

shorty tanesha short boss

In a live interview on Instagram done with DJ Lava, the wife of popular Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel answered some very controversial questions thrown at her. Tanesha Johnson who is also known as Short boss is also well acknowledged for her record label “Short boss Muzik” that produces music for two of her sons. Dj Lava went ahead and asked personal questions to Tenesha where her relationship with the popular Dancehall Artiste is concerned. The questions ranged from how they met to their kids however one question the DJ threw to Short boss was very controversial as it’s related to news he had heard of the couple fighting. In confirming the rumors Tanesha mentioned that they were true while expressing confidence in herself. In further asking the very intense questions the DJ told her that he heard that she stabbed Kartel. She laughed then went straight into the story. She …

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The identity of the woman shot and killed in the incident that included popular Dancehall artiste and another being shot and injured was released by the police. The shooting took place on Sunday at a roadway in the district of Struie, Westmorland. According to the news reports, the Dancehall artiste who goes by the name Rygin King and the deceased was driving in a Mark X along with other friends when eventually they needed to change their tire. The events that transpired after according to the news was that while the tire was being changed a grey Toyota pulled up with a man alighting and firing gunshots that hit Rygin King and the others. They were assisted to the hospital to be treated where one person passed as a result of fatal wounds. Dead is 28 years Sashalee Blackwood of Irwin Meadows, St. James. The deceased was a customer service …

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Well, known veteran Reggae Artiste Buju Banton has dropped his new album on June 28, 2020, and it has definitely been picking up traction. In a video interview done with the popular international radio station Hot 97, the legendary artiste on explaining the name of the album “Upside Down” said that the name came as a result of things being so upside down in the world and so the album is an effort to convey messages of motivation and upliftment to the people and to impact reggae positively. Ebro, one of the hosts of the interview went on to let Buju Banton know what a great experience it was visiting Jamaica in 2019 to attend his freedom concert after being incarcerated for a long while in the United States. He then went further by asking Buju how has he seen where Kingston changed from the time he went away to …

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Lisa Mercedez Wants To Marry Vybz Kartel and Have His kids

Lisa Mercedez

Dancehall Gossip, Lisa Mercedez is feeling connected to Vybz Kartel in a deep spiritual way and seems to be making plans to be with the incarcerated artiste doing more than just music in the future. The artiste left Jamaica when she was 16-years-old but her mother and one sister are still on the island. In her mind, Jamaica is still her home. She has been getting a lot of support in the UK because they encourage her as they know it has been a long road for her. She started out with Stylo G who is her 6-year-old daughter’s father. She was introduced to him when he was looking for a female artiste to be a part of the Warning Crew. At the time she was all over, trying to make it in the music business. They were together for 4 years but things fell apart because the members started …

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