D’Angel posts more Revealing Photos of her Body… See Pics

D’Angel is back with more raunchy photos as she works to become Jamaica’s number one sex symbol. Michelle Downer is not just presenting new photos, she is also releasing new music today, Friday, September 11th.

The new song is intended to explain why she chooses to display her body online and to also address her critics.

After blessing her fans weeks ago with some eye-opening shots, Beenie Man’s former wife is back, this time dressed in a black bikini. D’Angel wrote “Queen of zero fucks given👑 #ahmine #bodyparty🎉”.

Fellow Jamaican entertainer and online personality Wally British was in the comments complimenting the First Lady of Dancehall.

According to Downer, she is not perfect but she is sexy and knows how to work it, she even went as far as to suggest that many men want a taste of her. She sings “Mi nuh perfect, mi nuh perfect at all but mi sexy and know how fi work it… my sexiness a weh dem after”, she also went on to make it clear that it’s her body and cloths so she is free to do what she wants. listen more in the video below.


The 42-year-old celebrity weeks ago stated on ONTAGETV that she was a target because of her sexiness. The singjay however stated, she was not affected by that as she is confident and God-fearing.

Interestingly D’Angel who had won best legs in the ’90s, for the ” Miss Jamaica” pageant told the interview that her legs are insured, and she is prepared to deal with fans who want to get touchy by way of security.

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See more Spicy photos from her below.

Earlier, Ishawna reported that she was making millions from her Onlyfans account, which leaves us to speculate what D’Angel is making from hers as she seems to be enjoying it more than other facets of her career currently.

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