D’Angel’s Lingerie On-Demand While Valentine’s Day Is A Big No

D’Angel’s Xpose lingerie line was launched last December, and the artiste has expanded the collection. Her collection includes a wide variety of underwear cuts such as Brazilian and g-strings. Not stopping there, she has designer bodysuits and corsets.

D’Angel explained to The Star that the lingerie line was for women who were confident and want to show some skin. The entrepreneur also added that she had experienced body-shaming before, but she is unbothered by negative comments because God has created everyone differently, and loving yourself the way you are have always been her motto.

The singer has also shown her confidence by modelling her designs, including a revealing backless dress called “Want It Back” and a lacy alter bodysuit called “I’ll Dance For you”. Dancehall artiste Pamputtae has also modelled a two-piece set from Xpose called “Secrets”.

D’Angel went on to say that the designs were for all body sizes and shapes. She said plus-size women tend to buy sexier designs, and she found it refreshing that Xpose allowed women to freely express themselves.

As the brand quickly grows the singer-turn-entrepreneur had to add a physical location to her online store to cater to more people. She went on to state that due to the affordable prices she offered, which were mostly less than $10,000, her company has been performing good and business had excelled over the Valentine’s weekend.

In other news, D’Angel disclosed that she didn’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day as no one has asked her out, even though there were several men she knew had a crush on her. She assumed that men must have found her confidence a bit challenging because she “didn’t have horns”.

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