Drake Books Out Dodger Stadium For Date Night With Johanna Leia

When it comes on to making big moves, Canadian rapper Drake knows all about it as he has been taking them all his life. This time the Entertainer did it big by renting out the Dodger stadium, for a date while the team was away playing the Marlins.

The lucky female is said to be Johanna Leia who is the mother of Amari Bailey, who gained fame from Basketball in High School then went on to be a UCLA commit.

The former cast member of the “Bringing Up Callers” reality series, was seen with “Champagne Papi” in the stadium after a drone shot which got leaked, was taken of them in a romantic setting, matched out in Dodgers jerseys, dining at a white table decorated with beautiful flowers. The two also had their very own Bartender taking care of their needs.

According to the reports of the date night, the two were however spotted while appearing to have a heated argument about something not clear to the public.

The two seem to have been going out for some time now since even Nicki Minaj recently slammed the rapper on Twitter by telling him “Champagne Papi, stop texting me please and go to your big booty ting,”.

Initially, this Twitter post by Nicki had many wondering which female she was talking about; however, the cat is now out of the bag and everyone now knows Johanna Leia as the special one.