Flippa Mafia Released Early on Parole After 9 Years Behind Bars

Flippa Mafia, whose real name is Andrew K. Davis, was released prematurely following a nine-year sentence in a United States prison.

The artiste, known for his ostentatiousness, is currently 43 years old and he was liberated on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, from the East Jersey State Prison (EJSP).

The dancehall entertainer was initially sentenced in 2016 to a total of 25 years behind bars (with the inclusion of twelve years parole ineligibility) for being found guilty of partaking in a money laundering and international drug trafficking ring that encompassed California, New Jersey, and Jamaica. He was instructed to recompense with a US$250,000 anti-money laundering profiteering sanction.

A convict becomes worthy of parole rumination after they have served one-third of their allotted prison sentence under New Jersey law.

The requirements of Flippa’s parole are unspecified.

Back in 2013, Flippa was apprehended alongside his girlfriend at the time, Marsha Bernard. In 2014, Roger Davis, the artiste’s brother, was also arrested in relation to the crimes.

Davis was sentenced to a total of 20 years, while Berbard was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the role that she played in the established drug ring. Davis was also among the 46 Jamaicans who were extradited to Jamaica back in April of 2020.

Additionally, six other persons who pleaded guilty to being a part of the drug ring earned themselves sentences ranging from three to sixteen years behind bars.

Reportedly, Flippa had the initiative to complete his high school diploma and also acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B.A.E) while imprisoned.  

Last year, a short clip of Flippa was shared on jamaicatopics Instagram account where the deejay, seemingly gratified with all that he has attained, was singing his own praises about his endeavour to secure his freedom through education. The video was captioned, “Imprisoned Dancehall Artiste FLIPPA MAFFIA is earning his way to freedom through education. The entertainer recently attained his High School Diploma and B.A Degree.”

In the video, he sang, “thinking for a change focus on the victim / I’m rehabilitating / I’m tryna earn my way out / earn my way out / I’m tryna cage my rage / I gotta earn my way out.”

Take a look at the video below:

Flippa, also referred to as Flippa Moggela and the Flossing King was recognized predominantly for his extravagant and boisterous shows where the magnanimous entertainer would oftentimes give away money to his fans.

Flippa Mafia played the role of ‘John John’ in the 2002 movie Shottas along with other celebrities such as Spragga Benz and Ky-Mani Marley. Songs that were released by Flippa include Dem Yah, Unfinished House, Repeat, Hear Mi Hear, and Mi Nuh Bruk.

Watch his most popular music videos below.

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