Govana Talks Acquiring Wealth and Creating a Legacy for His Children “A Whole Heap a Supa Star Me Si Dead and A GoFund Me Affi Bury Dem”

Sunday, June 30, 2024, 2:33 PM GMT-5

While many Dancehall artistes are fixated on living life in the moment, 1Matick deejay Govana is focused on creating a legacy for his children and instilling the same values in them that his parents taught him.

The artiste, born Romeo Nelson, is a native of Spanish Town and is the son of a higgler and a construction worker. The former St. George’s College student released his album Legacy on Thursday, and when it comes to legacy, it is not only about music for the deejay.

During an interview with The Fix podcast, Govana discussed his upbringing in a garrison community and praised his parents for always providing for him. Govana shared that when he got his first Dancehall hit, he was still living in a ‘board house’ and continues to try his best to remain humble despite the newfound fame and wealth gained from his music.

“Mi try mi best fi try keep it motivational versus boasy. Mi nuh deh pan di boasy. Boasy affi people weh frightn. There’s no way mi can be suh rich fi suh long and still frightn right now. Naturally, when mi just a tun millionaire, mi a guh frightn [ … ] But if one, five, six years, seven, and yah still millionaire and yuh still frightn, what the f**ck are you doing? That’s carny,” Govana stated.

He also shared that proper money management was instilled in him from an early age at home. In addition to the advice he continues to receive from his parents, Govana said he has also learned from the mistakes of other artistes.

“A whole heap a supa star mi si dead and a GoFund Me affi bury dem [ … ] I don’t know what happen along the line [ … ] A nuh like everybody literate enuh, bro. Suh yah guh have people yuh probably feel like yuh can trust wid yuh life, weh yah guh put in place a tings and a probably dem f**ck yuh ova.”

Highlighting how some children of past celebrities have suffered from their parents’ poor choices, Govana went on to share how much he fears not being able to provide for his sons, Raheef and Rahiri. The Better Than That artiste also expressed how foolish it is to live for the moment.

Further speaking about his children, Govana said his priority is to provide his children with choices while instilling the values that will make them hard workers.

“Eh one ting mi want my youth dem to have weh me neva have is choice. Mi did affi eat chicken back if it did deh deh. Mi want as much as dem want stake dem can guh get it. Not fi seh mi wah spoil dem enuh becaw mi wah dem fi understand seh is hard work bring success. Suh mi still a try fi mek dem know seh keep up wid yuh school grades, behave yuhself; if yuh do dis, mi will reward yuh wid dis,” Govana said.

Watch Govana’s interview below.


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