Government Gets Help To Tackle Electricity Theft

The Jamaica Government has decided to partner with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and their partner Deloiite in order to seek out solutions for non-technical losses which include the theft of electricity under the strengthening Utilities and Promoting Energy Reform (Super) program.

The move has been deemed quite important by Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Daryl Vaz who made it clear that paying Customers have been bearing the consequence of energy issues since they have to be paying much more on their bills to compensate for the losses of the Power company.

The Energy Minister spoke on the matter at the 2022/23 Sectoral Debate where he outlined that USAID has partnered with Deloitte to establish a group dedicated to finding solutions for high energy consumption enabling communication and adequate reporting between the relevant authorities and customers, providing consumers with a medium to get legal electricity as well as setting up empowerment mechanisms to discourage electricity theft.

Taking part in the initiative and the Ministry are organisations such as the Inter American Development Bank, Jamaica Social Investment Fund and JPS.

A part of the move towards a solution according to Minister Vaz will encompass a house rewiring initiative and a National Electricity Loss Reduction Plan funded by the IDB and carried out by Estudios Energeticos Consultores.

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