Hoe Mentality! 50 Cent Speaks On Gabrielle Union’s Reason For Cheating – Watch Video

American rapper, actor, producer, and entrepreneur 50 Cent, whose given name is Curtis James Jackson III, spoke his mind with no apologies in an interview with TV show host Big Boy on the show BigBoy Neighborhood. 50 Cent, who has been active on the entertainment scene for over two decades, gave his opinion on the actress’ chain of thought when she released a statement saying that she cheated on her ex-husband because she made more money than him.
In the interview, Big Boy, in a segment that he calls “giving your two cents,” asked the rapper to give his opinion on what the actress revealed about her first marriage. 50 Cent seemed a bit tight-lipped at first, but he quickly gathered his thoughts and explained that it all depended on their concept of what a relationship is.

He went on to say that the world we live in has now become a non-traditional world, so maybe it is just a result of the changing times.

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50 Cent elucidated on the topic by saying that if the actress thought that because she was making more money than her former spouse, that meant she could do what she wanted and her spouse could not say anything, then she had the “mentality of a hoe.”

In an attempt to get clarification, 50 Cent made the assumption that Gabrielle Union was basically telling the guy that if a person with more money came along, she would leave him for that new person, and that made her a hoe. The rapper then reiterated that the thought process that led her to believe that she would only listen to a spouse who makes more money than her is insane.

Watch a snippet from the interview below: