How to Write about Reggae… 6 Tips on Essay Writing

Reggae came from the Jamaican English rege-rege which means to “a recently estab. Sp. For rege” or “rags, ragged clothing”, or “a quarrel, a row.” It was originally printed with the 1968 rock music hit “Do the Reggay” which was sang by The Maytals, whom which started the Reggae genre globally known.

Steve Barrow, a reggae historian, acknowledged Clancy Eccles with altering the Jamaican patois word “streggae”, meaning loose woman, into the word reggae; however, the word streggae was already a used Jamaican word, according to Toots Hibbert. He added that originally, the word streggae was meant to be a negative word which was meant to describe as raggedy, say for example an old lady calls a girl wearing disheveled or not matching clothes, she is ‘streggae’. The use of the word streggae was not exclusive for the use on against women though, it was also usually used to describe men too. And I quote, “The girls would say that about the men too. This one morning me and my two friends were playing and I said, ‘OK man, let’s do the reggay’ and created a beat. People tell me later that we had given the sound its name. Before that people had called it blue-beat and all kind of other things. Now it’s in the Guinness World of Records.”

However, the origin of the word Reggae was somehow altered due to Bob Marley claiming that the word originated from the Spanish term “the King’s music.” The fragments of Christian gospel reggae, coming from the To the King Christian compilation, suggested that the word “reggae” came from the Latin word “regi” which means “To the King”.

As a genre of music, of music, reggae was significantly influenced by traditional Jamaican folk music Mento and Afro-Caribbean Calypso music, other than rhythm and blues, and American jazz; however, reggae owes its direct origins to the rocksteady and ska of 1960s Jamaica.

Historically speaking, Larry and Alvin’s “Nanny Goat”, and the Beltones’ “No More Heartaches” competed for becoming the first known reggae record, having both reggae records as the first bona fide records.

Back in February 2008, Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding hosted the first annual Reggae Month in Jamaica to celebrate, the Recording Industry Association of Jamaica held the first Reggae Academy Awards on February 24, 2008. Additionally, Reggae Month included the Global Reggae conference, which was a reggae film festival as both a concert tribute to late singer Dennis Brown, who was noted to be Bob Marley’s favorite singer, and as a radio station reward function.

Writing an essay about the topic reggae is not that hard because a lot of information about it can be found in the web.  It is also an interesting topic that even the writer will be curious and by writing it you will also learn.  You will not only learn about reggae itself but also about the culture of Jamaicans, where reggae originated.  It’s nice to write an essay about topics like this because it will expand your knowledge and open your mind in other avenues of learning.  Many articles, journals and blogs can also be found about reggae so resourcing information about it will not be hard.  

For the process of writing to be easier some tips are listed below to be your guide in writing your own essay about the topic reggae.  

6 Tips in writing an essay about Reggae

1.Reliable Sources – The sources where you will get your information should he legitimate.  You should make sure that the websites, journals, blogs and other sources you used contains facts. This is necessary because you have to make sure that your readers will only read factual information and not made up.  Your reputation as a writer is also at stake when you cite false information because the readers will not trust your written works again if you fail in giving truthful information. If you are stuck with reliable sources finding it is possible to pay for essay. In this case all work will be done by professionals with skills in this activity.

  1. Creative Writing – As a writer you should always consider creativity in all of your written works.  The topic is Reggae, but it does not mean that your essay should always start with the meaning of Reggae.  Be creative and start your essay with information that will capture the attention of your readers.  You can give a fun fact or interesting fact about Reggae,  this way the readers will be more curious and read further.  You can also start with a short flashback, the history of Reggae is one great example of this.  You can start the essay by introducing your readers the history of your topic so that they will grasp the subject little by little.  Creativity is what will make your essay unique from other.  It will also make the readers want to read more from you.  
  2. Never Plagiarize- It is a very bad habit for a writer to plagiarize.  Sourcing is different from plagiarism.  As a respect to other authors, you should never copy their work and present it as your own.  If you are going to include some part of other author’s essay in yours you should cite or quote them to prevent plagiarism.  An essay is an author’s art work.  They put a lot of time and effort in it and we have to respect it. Author may also order paper from essay writing service, they make unplagiarized piece of writing for a fixed price.
  3. Be Fair – In writing an essay about reggae, one if the possible things that an author can do is be biased.  The essay should be informative and not take any side of the coin.  Reggae is the kind of subject that if not taken cautiously can result in a not so inclusive essay.  When the author makes two sides it will probably be compared to other genres of music and it will not take much of the interest of the readers.  It should not be compared with other music genres because each genre is unique and has beauty of its own.  
  4.  Listen to Reggae- Since you will be writing an essay about Reggae you should grasp the whole idea. Listening to Reggae music will make you understand it better and it is the most effective way to write effectively. You can listen to the songs of famous Bob Marley. His songs are relaxing but have deeper meanings to it. When you listen to Reggae songs you will understand it deeply and your written work will be easier to finish.
  5.  Enjoy- In writing an essay of any topic, you should enjoy the process. Think of writing as a learning process and a stage of growth. If you enjoy what you are doing you will not be stressed. Instead, you will be inspired to write more and share more of your thoughts to the readers. It is important to enjoy writing your essay so words will blossom like flowers and your mind will not be full of clouds.