Husband of Tennessee Policewoman Who Was Fired for Having Sex With 7 Cops Wants to Salvage His Marriage

Tennessee police officer Maegan Hall, who was fired for having sex with seven of her co-workers, has not lost the support of her husband. The New York Post, citing reports from the Daily Mail, stated that Maegan’s husband, Jedidiah, is sticking by his wife through the scandalous sex allegations at the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee, USA.

The eight officers (including Hall) reportedly engaged in sexual activity on and off duty, which resulted in the dismissal of five and the suspension of the other three. The sex romps involved Hall exchanging nude pictures with her colleagues, removing her top at a “Girl Gone Wild” themed hot tub party, and performing oral sex on two policemen at work.

Other than Hall, the four dismissed policemen are Sgt. Lewis Powell, Officer Juan Lugo, Sgt. Henry Ty McGowan, and Detective Seneca Shields. Meanwhile, officers Larry Holladay, Patrick Magliocco, and Gavin Schoeberl received suspensions.

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Jedidiah’s boss, Coffee County Sheriff Chad Partin, commented on the matter by saying, “I don’t know how he’s doing it, he’s more of a man than I am, but he’s trying to salvage his marriage.”

According to Partin, Jedidiah is a former park ranger who had been preparing for a position with the Tennessee Highway Patrol but withdrew after the accusations against his wife were made public. Jedidiah, who the Daily Mail reported is the son of a pastor, has been a deputy in Coffee County.

Investigators said that Maegan Hall informed her colleagues that she was in an open marriage. However, one of her co-workers said that Jedidiah was not on board. The New York Post reported that Partin extended his assistance to Jedidiah, but he only replied, “Sheriff, I just want to work for the citizens of Coffee County and I love what I’m doing.”

While Partin explained that he did not “condone” what happened at the La Vergne Police Department, he expressed that Jedidiah is a “victim” who has a clean record and is “phenomenal” at his job.