I-Octane Lashes Out Against Everyone Who Accused Him Of Being Affiliated With ClansMan-One Don Gang

Reggae/Dancehall entertainer I-Octane is lashing out against everyone he says turned their backs against him when alleged gang members of the notorious Clansman-One Don Gang accused him of having ties to the criminal organization.

In a video shared, the “Puff It” entertainer furiously vented his frustrations at the influx of calls and DM’s he is now receiving since the news of several of the alleged gang members being found not guilty of the charges.

“Everything happen now, everything done now, unu a come call me now bout Octane yuh did innocent fi true,” he said.

The entertainer went on to say that he will not be making any comment with the bloggers who have reached out to him as well as anyone else because these are the same people who helped to tarnish his name by saying that he is guilty of the accusations.

“Yow weh unu a bloodcl**t call me fah, dont bombocl**t call me phone, me si unu a call me but me nah answer”. He continued “Now blogger a DM me bout Octane weh yuh haffi seh, case done now. P*ssy wull a unu seh mi a criminal, seh mi a gun man, wull a unu fling mi under d bombocl**t bus fi a do music, zeen. Guh suck yuh mada, suck unu mada”.

I-Octane also cautioned the promoters to expect to pay him for triple the amount compared to before, as they had refused to book him for events because they said it was too “risky”. “And some a unu promoter weh did a seh dem cya book him because it risky, mek sure seh unu money triple,” the entertainer said.

On the other hand, the entertainer paid tribute to the few persons who still offered him interviews and played his songs despite the accusations.

During the Clansman-One Don Trial in the Home Circuit Court, I-Octane’s name was mentioned in a secret recording by an ex-gangster-turned-witness who was having a conversation with one of the alleged gang members, Fabian ‘Crocs’ Johnson. In this recording, it was stated that he had reportedly agreed to help one of the gang members flee the country for a payment of $250,000.

“Link all di bwoy Octane pon di ting, him ah tell mi bout 250. Come in like a joke ting,” Crocs said in the recording.

Watch I-Octane’s video below:

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