Indian Man Brutally Beats Girlfriend Over Marriage Proposal – Watch Video

A shocking incident has been circulating on social media about a man brutally beating a woman to the point of unconsciousness. The incident is said to have occurred on December 21 in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh, India. According to multiple news reports, the attack followed a marriage proposal, but it is unclear who made the proposal.

Mixed reports claim that the female, who is 19 years old, proposed to her 24-year-old boyfriend, while others say her boyfriend proposed, and he was enraged when she refused. While there is uncertainty regarding who made the marriage proposal, it is clear in the viral video that her boyfriend, identified as Pankaj Tripathi, suddenly became angry and started slapping her in the face.

The horrifying video shows the couple being filmed out on an open land area in the Mauganj neighbourhood. Tripathi placed a bag on the ground, spoke a few words to the person filming, and then started slapping the female whose hand he was holding. After slapping her more than once, he threw her head first to the ground and started kicking and trampling her feet and head.

Tripathi stamped on the 19-year-old’s head until she was unconscious. Realizing that she was no longer moving, he attempted to offer her support and lifted her from the ground. He held her up for a while, but her body remained limp. At one point, he even seemed to hug her and then exchanged words with the man making the video before laying the woman back on the ground.

According to Geo TV, the woman was lying there for several hours before she was discovered by locals, who alerted the police. “There was a dispute between the two about something, and the man beat up the woman,” Anil Sonkar, superintendent of police in Rewa, told NDTV. He reported that the woman was transported to the hospital.

Geo TV also reported that Tripathi was on the run for four days before he was apprehended in the Uttar Pradesh town of Mirzapur. Both he and the man filming the video were taken into custody. Reports from India Today state that the suspect was first jailed under Section 151 of the IPC (disturbing public peace), but since the girl declined to file a complaint, he was later freed.

However, when the video surfaced, a case was filed against the accused under Section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and other pertinent provisions of the Indian Penal Code. According to India Today, citing reports from the sub-divisional officer of police (SDOP) Naveen Dubey, the 19-year-old victim has filed a complaint under the Information Technology (IT) Act against the individual who recorded and distributed the video.

Watch the video of the incident below: Viewer discretion is advised.