Ivany Tells Eager Supporters That She Going Live When Her Rent Due Again!

Thursday, June 13, 2024, 5:50 PM GMT-5

To many people’s surprise, Jamaican social media personality Ivany Wright who was recently released from the Henry County Jail has not gone live since her release, instead, she has seemingly been bonding with her son Ice and her beloved dog.

On June 7, Ivany updated her supporters that she is no longer in jail by stating, “Am back againnnn wasssupp wasssupp.. Thanks to all my supporters love y’all Bonding with my son see yall soon.”

Almost a week later, her many loyal online fans are yet to talk to her on a live chat, she is also yet to make a video about the ordeal which is something she normally does, based on the past.

Seemingly overwhelmed by the many requests for her to go live, she took to social media on Wednesday to inform everyone when she would be returning to a live chat. Her much-anticipated return to a live stream will be when she needs money to pay her rent.

She wrote, “All the question is When you coming live ?” Ivany answered the questions by saying, “When me rent due again Gn !!”

On the other hand, the video below has been making rounds online.

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