IWaata’s Baby Mother Shows Off New Tattoo And His Photo Beside Her Bed

Iwaata’s baby mother is back with more eyebrow-raising content that has left viewers pointing out the obvious attention-grabber in the room, that was of course not the dark-skinned person in her bed.

In a video that initially gave the impression of her just sharing her new tattoo, many commenters quickly called her out on having a hidden agenda of wanting to show off the picture that was propped up on her bedside table.

The video, which was posted to Pinkwall, had Rihanna’s track ‘Loveeeeeee Song’ featuring Future playing and began with IWaata’s baby mother showing her back to the camera that has a tattoo of a cross, a flock of birds flying in separate directions and a ribbon. With movements as she turned around, the picture frame with IWaata’s picture on her bedside table caught everyone’s eyes, despite the sight of the person she had laying in her bed.

Thiia_mia commented with a rolling eye emoji saying, “she wanted us to see that picture.”

Similarly, Sheenz_sheenz wrote with several laughing emojis, “Then a me alone catch the good baby daddy picture pan bedside table hey the them a live them good life unuh tek unuh nose out ppl pot.”

As the comments went on to point out the picture, some critics throw some shade in the comment section about her braces.

Renni_ren_ren said, “So many things going on. The man, the picture, the teeth….I’m going to go, take care.

Check out the video below.

It’s a common notion that Iwaata and Pretty Pretty are back together, hence this latest drama in the saga might not be the last we hear on the love triangle with the fact that both females have a history of airing out the drama online or poking each other .

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