Jada Claps Back At Critics For Talking About Her Promise Ring – See Photos

Jada Kingdom has had enough of the criticisms surrounding the promise ring she was gifted for her 24th birthday by her boyfriend, Nas EBK. 

When Nas presented the ring on one knee to an excited Jada in a viral video, the public initially believed it was an engagement ring. The internet erupted later when it was revealed that the ring represented his promise to propose to her in the future.

Responding to the haters, Jada made a series of Instagram Story posts, calling out the fake fans and slamming anyone who criticized her gift. Addressing engagements that ended with couples breaking up, she wrote, “I’ve seen too many “engagements” weh neva reach nowhere & FLOP!”

In another post, she told everyone to keep their birthday wishes and congratulations because they were fake and would only harbour “bad blessings.”

A third post added that she was glad death was “inevitable” because the thought of living forever on earth with her haters would be “real f**kery”.

Jada also slammed her haters by telling them it did not concern her if their partners could only afford to buy one ring. Furthermore, they should stop “swimming in” her “shit and go take a bath!” While, in another IG Story post, Jada said, “As mi shit, a unnuh dat a tek it mek castle, that’s disgusting.”

She later posted a video of her dog defecating and dedicated it to her haters, saying, “Here’s more shit for ya’ll to eat! From my baby bella! ENJOY.”

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