Jada Kingdom In Leaked Sex Photos? – See Pictures

On the heels of returning to Jamaica with her boyfriend to attend the funeral of her deceased grandmother, Jada Kingdom is once again in the media, but this time, for alleged leaked pictures of her in the act. The GPP hit artiste can be seen in multiple pictures and videos enjoying her private time with her boyfriend, Nas EBK, which ultimately became a little less private. Some of the leaked content was marked ‘OnlyFans.com/nasandjada’.

Yesterday, the pictures and videos were posted on Twitter and in one instance the singer and her lover were seemingly engaged in what seemed to be anal sex. The entertainer’s face cannot be seen in any of the photos (nor her lover’s) but the signature tattoos of the entertainer which travel from her right shoulder all the way down to her voluptuous ass cheeks can be seen in all the shots.

The only instance her face can be seen is in a video where Kingdom, birth name Jada Murphy, is twerking on her boyfriend’s lap while he caresses her butt, before turning around to look at the camera. Nas EBK can also be seen in a video sucking on the East Side Queen’s left boob. The video was captioned “Gugu gaga pan dat mi fren.”

See a blurred(edited) screenshot of a few of the leaked sex images below.

CLICK HERE: Jada-Kingdoms-Sex-Photos-Leaked-See-Pictures.jpg

The comments on Twitter range from people commenting on the length of her boyfriend’s penis to her taking part in anal sex. A commenter said “blc old garden hose e dawg a par wid 🤣🤣🤣” while someone else remarked, “she fi stop sing tight p*ssy in a song wen a batty she a tek it Inna maybe a that’s why it woulda tight 🤷🏿‍♂️.”

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