Jaii Frais and Walk and Talk In Heated Argument During Podcast – Video

Thursday, June 13, 2024, 11:31 PM GMT-5

After discussing many topics, Vlogger/Podcast host Jaii Frais got into a heated argument with co-host Walk and Talk while on the latest episode of the Let’s Be Honest Podcast.

While some people are of the view that the video should not have been published, many others are lashing out at Jaii for not siding with his co-host.

One person commented, “This episode should be deleted ASAP. I felt so uncomfortable watching it,” another person commented, “You’re a punk for treating your co-host like that. SMFH”.

Check out Jaii’s response to the argument below:

Walk and Talk spoke on the viral video with Armanii and Valiant during a recent live chat.

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