Jamaican Graduates With Highest Distinction At Kettering University In Michigan

The newest known high achiever coming out of Jamaica is Brandon Gurrell who has just graduated from Kettering University, in Michigan and is giving thanks for the opportunities he got that placed him where he now is.

The young man’s adventure started at Campion College where he explained to the Jamaica Star that initially brought the story, that he was just an average student, as most students at the school were brilliant with parents who already achieved greatness by going to school at universities abroad.

Gurrell continued to persist, however, by next going to Munro College, where he did 6th form and decided that he would apply for colleges.

According to the 24-year-old scholar he initially wanted to do a degree to become a financial engineer because of his love for working with numbers however, in a shocking turn of events he said that the counsellor that handled his application, mixed up his transcript with another student’s own causing him to be rejected as an applicant.

Even though Gurrell said the rejection affected him gravely, he pushed on and made other applications to the school eventually becoming enrolled to do Mechanical Engineering in 2016.

According to Brandon, he was ready to handle life on campus since being at Munro College gave him a sense of preparedness.

Financially, it would have been a hard knock for Gurrell, if he had not had good grades and was not a part of various societies which paved the way for him to get scholarships valuing US$175,000. That helped his parents a lot because they only paid for his first year which was US$46,000.

Now that he has graduated, Brandon has copped a position as a quantitative financial analyst with top-notch investment bank Goldman Sachs.

The young man expressed graduating with honours as something he had always wanted and he did so in fine style since he was a recipient of Kettering University’s highest distinction known as “Summa Cum Laude”.

As a next step forward, Brandon Gurrell has been accepted to do a Masters programme at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

The young man in his talk with the Star encouraged Jamaicans to keep to their goals as they can achieve anything, just like he did.