Jamaican Prisoner Reveal Awful Bathroom Condition “A Nuh Nott’n Good” – Watch Video

Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 9:37 AM GMT-5

In a video recorded by an inmate in a Jamaican correctional facility, the horrid condition of the bathroom facility was put on display.

The video was shared on Instagram on Tuesday by social media personality L.A. Lewis, who expressed in the caption that prisons are not a place of luxury. “Yutes ran out a truble unu see seh yah so nuh look like sandels hutel,” L.A. wrote.

The video was seemingly recorded on a device that was smuggled inside the prison, and in the recording, one of the prisoners shared where the inmates showered and used the toilet.

Their “shower” was revealed to be a hole in the wall from which water poured, as the bathroom does not contain a showerhead.

The inmate went on to show the toilets that are used, which are also in deplorable conditions and do not have toilet seats.

Reacting to the video, some viewers expressed that the men could have been provided with better facilities despite the crimes they had committed.

However, other viewers expressed that the facilities are fine, as they should be a deterrent for those living a life of crime.

View some of the reactions below.

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