Kalado Teams UP With A-Lanzo And Young Ganga On New Song “Big Move”

Dancehall artiste Kalado has released a new track in collaboration with A-Lanzo and Young Ganga entitled “Big Move”, which the entertainers use to talk about a life centred around chopping the biggest food and having the best of everything.

The song was released with an official music video that shows the deejays living the big life surrounded by the Mark X, girls, cash and Henessy that comes with the “Choppa” lifestyle.

Starting off the song A-Lanzo kicks attacked the chorus by making it clear that he is dedicated to making big moves and outlines that if anyone should try and stop him they will get him pissed off and as such avoids the trouble by speeding off in his big “whip”. The deejay then goes on to energize the chorus by singing “Big movement” and “Big food” on repeat, making it known what the aim is.

Young Ganga then takes over the song on the first verse by highlighting the “Chop” which consists of his crew being rich for life with “Henny pon the rock”, whilst having the girlfriends of some of the “Small Choppas” give him all the freaky favours that he desires. Ganga also makes it clear that while he and his team are making the big moves, keeping protected with heavy artillery is a priority to him.

For the second verse of the song, Kalado enters the track singing about the greens, the dreams and the fresh Polo outfits that he and his team love to wear. The “Bring Life” artiste also uses his verse of the song to talk about the fat rides that he rides in as well as the sexual favours that he gets from the ladies whenever he makes a “Big Chop”.

In the visuals of the official music video, the girls went all out as they could be seen from start to finish gyrating on the entertainers who kept on teasing them with money which was a fittingly appropriate move considering the theme of the song.

Watch Kalado, A-Lanzo and Young Ganga’s “Big Move” below.

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