Khago – His US Citizenship and what he says about Trap Dancehall

Khago the Jamaican dancehall artiste is now a US citizen and he is very proud of that fact because he can travel to more places around the Globe more easily now.

He also calls himself Yankee George and wants everyone to know that getting a US passport is not that hard. He applied and didn’t wait long to get through.

Khago is now going through a trial in court, but he believes he will win.

He believes more artistes should sort out the copyright for their music and learn about the music business so they can earn the right amount of money from the business.

He believes, the artistes who just put out music for producers and take what they get will lose out in the end, as there are many ways to earn from music through copyright and artistes can lose out when they don’t know and get old and broke when this doesn’t need to happen.

In a recent interview, he revealed that he has nothing against the young artistes in the dancehall putting out a new sound they call Trap Dancehall, as when he came out with his cap turned around, with the front at the back of his head and his locks. The Rastas were upset about it and that didn’t stop him from doing well.

He says the young people like the trap dancehall music, and no one knows if it won’t be doing well in the future, so they should be supported as they try to make a living.

He just wants them to remember that people are dying and making music about violence is not something they should do.