Kiprich Recovers Items From Airbnb Robbery

Following the robbery at his Portmore Airbnb apartment, dancehall artiste Kiprich has uncovered the culprit and partially recovered the burglarized items.

According to reports, the artiste’s Airbnb apartment was burglarized last Saturday, with the thief absconding with over S$50,000 (approximately $7.6 million) in cash and other valuables. The stolen items consisted of a US$25,000 Rolex watch, a US$450 pair of Burberry sunglasses, and a gold chain valued at over US$12,000. US$15,000 and CDN$300 in cash were also taken during the theft.

According to the Jamaica Star, KipRich investigated the matter himself and began following a lead from 5 a.m. Thursday that ultimately led him to a suspect in downtown Kingston.

“Mi see him and programme him fi couple hours well before mi mek two sound with my links then call the police,” KipRich told the Star.

The suspect was taken to the Darling Street Police Station in Kingston for questioning and denied ever travelling to Portmore before as he was a resident of Bull Bay. Though he was initially reluctant to answer the police’s questions, the man later admitted to the crime, revealing that he gained access to the apartment through the window.

Kiprich recovered his stolen chain and Rolex from a bus driver at the Constant Spring Tax Office in St. Andrew, to whom it is believed the burglar gave the items to keep for him. The Telephone Ting deejay thanked the police and his supporters for their swift action, which led to the recovery of some of the stolen items.

“Mi just wah fi big up the network inna di streets and the police for moving swiftly because right now me feel 100 per cent better [ … ] Mi never expect back no money but from mi get back mi Rolex, weh mi tek mi time and pay off, mi feel good. Plus mi chain and mi belt,” KipRich stated.

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The accused is currently in custody and will be sent to the Greater Portmore Police Station in St. Catherine, where detectives are looking into the case.