Kobe Bryant’s Wife, Vanessa and Others Pays Tribute to him and Their Daughter

Hearts and minds are still with Kobe Bryant’s wife and family after the loss of the Basketball star. In 2016 when he struggled with the decision to retire, he was asked about how he felt about death and he said, he is at peace with it because there is light and dark, life and death, you can’t have one without the other.

Vanessa changed her Instagram profile photo to one of Kobe and their daughter Gianna who also died in the crash, as she struggles to be strong for her girls, even though she feels numb, shocked and heartbroken. She is taking time to be with the girls.

Vanessa and Kobe got married when she was 18-year-old almost 19 years ago and she didn’t expect him to leave her and their lovely daughters so soon.

He was also a first time Oscar winner.

It is now known what caused the crash and investigators have discovered new clues about important missing equipment. They also recovered the bodies of all 9 persons who were on the flight. A vital terrain and warning system that was needed, was missing from the luxury chopper. The descent rate for the chopper was over 2000 feet per minute, they now know it was a high energy crash. the vital warning system was missing, it could have helped the pilot to avoid the crash.

What remains of the chopper was transported by truck to a secure location after it was airlifted from the hill side.

Rick Fox addressed all that went on when his family thought he was on the helicopter. They went through something he couldn’t imagine they were experiencing when they thought he was dead, His phone kept on going he revealed, his mother and other siblings were very worried.

Shaquille O’neal said Kobe was his little brother, he said, “we take stuff for granted,” he and some of his NBA colleagues made what should be game coverage into a tribute to Kobe. O’neal said he and Kobe had their differences but their relationship was still solid, and he only wants everyone to remember the good times not the little disagreements they had. He cried as he spoke about not being able to talk to Kobe again about the hall of fame ceremonies.

In Kobe’s last interview he said, “I have 3 beautiful daughters and another one on the way, I would have 5 more girls if I could, I am a Girl Dad”. He was a great man, great husband and great father. Many celebrities also got the “Girl Dad” trending.

Michael Johnson said Kobe was a great man and he is gone too soon.