Macka Diamond Ready to Fight Spice “Mi ready fi **** one a unuh” – Watch Video

Friday, June 21, 2024, 7:24 PM GMT-5

Spice’s 2085 Tea song continues to incite drama online and Dancehall veteran Macka Diamond who is now entangled in the mix has indicated that she wants to fight Spice and Vlogger Prettii Don. She talks about wanting to “heng’ the two in a new video of her shutting down rumours of her having a breakdown.

Before the so-called breakdown occurred, Macka Diamond and spiritual reader RT Boss spoke badly about Spice during a live stream with popular TikToker Blinga. Following the live stream, Spice mocked Macka Diamond during a TikTok live stream with Prettii Don.

“Macka affi tek out fi har false teeth and put it inna water fi eh bloodcl**t mouth clean enuh. Caw memba Macka mouth stink like bombocl**t pit toilet enuh,” Spice said, igniting laughter from Prettii Don.

Watch the video with Spice and Pretti Don below:

After the live stream, Macka Diamond created a video in which she can be seen crying. In the video, Macka Diamond has tears on her cheeks as she indicates that Spice and Prettii Don should leave her alone and describes them as “wicked.”

She added that she will fight for herself and that God is preserving her so that she can laugh at her haters.

Watch the video with Macka Diamond below:

The video sparked speculation about Macka Diamond having a breakdown, leading her to create a new video. In the new video, she says that she was crying because she wanted to “hang one a dem nasty bloodcl**t.”

She adds, “Mi nayna bawl because mi business bout nuh stinking mouth dutty gyal.”

Macka indicates that she still wants to fight Spice and Prettii Don, urging Spice to confront her face-to-face. “Unuh a only bad people pan internet…Mi nuh bombocl**t breakdown. A mad mi bombocl**t mad… A group dem affi group up… Mek sure seh when mi hold unuh one by one unuh can manage… mi ready fi heng one a unuh,” she says.

Watch the second video with Macka Diamond below:


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