Macka Diamond Speaks On Spice And Their Past Issues “All Because of Money”

Monday, June 17, 2024, 10:07 AM GMT-5

After receiving criticism last week for seemingly throwing shade at Spice’s new track, 2085 Tea, Macka Diamond addressed the backlash during a live stream. According to the veteran Dancehaller, the two stopped seeing eye to eye “all because of money”.

Sharing a photo of herself dressed up as an elderly lady on her Instagram page on Friday, Macka Diamond declared that she was the original trendsetter. As Spice had donned an elderly costume for her 2085 Tea music video, Macka Diamond received backlash for throwing shade at the artiste unprovoked.

In a section of her live stream, Macka addressed the incident, though she did not call Spice by name. Macka said she has a lot more receipts that can prove that she is the trendsetter, but people can talk all they want because she did not call out anyone by name in her post.

The Bun Him artiste also expressed that it was her platform to do whatever she wished. During the stream, Macka also spoke about a woman who had used her before she was famous but quickly forgot about her after her rise to fame.

She also said the person in question is getting “old” as herself. “mi have company now… they’re old like me now,” she says as she previewed an unreleased song.

“A remember how much days when mi fly and yuh nah guh nuh weh. When mi a fly yuh nah guh nuh weh, ‘Bring back a wig fi mi Muma.’ And every show weh Macka Diamond get yuh de pan it and yah eat yuh food. But when unuh get unuh time unuh sign contract unuh nah work wid Macka,” Macka Diamond stated.

The entertainer went on to speak about not having a lot of friends in the industry and someone paying off selectors to not play her music. Macka also said a female artiste spread rumours about her using Obeah against her because she had fallen ill.

Watch Macka Diamond’s Live stream below.


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